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Free Printable Elf Goodbye Letter

An elf's farewell message on a green background with a crocheted candy cane around it

After a fun December filled with jokes, tricks and hiding places from Elf on the Shelf, there’s always a day when he has to return to the North Pole. This free printable elf farewell letter is the perfect way to say goodbye until next Christmas season.

This message makes it easier for you (just print it and sign it!) and leaves more magic when he or she goes on his or her way!

Elf on the shelf farewell messages on a green background

When does the goblin leave the shelf?

Elf usually leaves on December 24th. After spending the month of December enjoying checking in on your family and playing silly tricks, he now has to get back to work making toys and delivering them to Santa on Christmas Eve!

How to use elf farewell message

It’s fun to leave behind a farewell note when your elf leaves this year. Use this letter to thank the children for this fun time and express how much they will be missed until next year. He could mention how he would make sure to tell Santa how nice and wonderful they were, and what gifts they asked for.

Make sure your elf signs the letter with their name too!

Elf farewell letter template on green background with crochet candy canes

How to Print Your Elf on the Shelf Farewell Letter

We’ve provided you with two free printable messages from Elf on the Shelf: one pre-written poem (all your Elf has to do is sign their name!) and a blank template for a more personalized message.

Simply click the button below the letter you want to print to open the PDF file and download it to your computer.

Elf Goodbye Letter Printable

Elf on the Shelf loves to rhyme! This short and silly poem is the perfect quick farewell message for leaving. It’s fun and easy to read for kids who are new to reading or who are still learning as well.

Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter

This blank template allows you to leave a personal note on special Elf paper. Talk about the wonderful things they’ve done together this season, and how hard they’re working to get those gifts they asked for or any other fun features this December.

Print on computer paper using an InkJet or regular laser printer at home.

Fill out the letter, if you’re using the blank template, or simply sign the elf’s name at the bottom!

Goodbye Elf Thoughts

It’s fun to leave the message alongside a special gift or one last trick from the elf! Here are some ideas:

  • Add a special treat, like hot chocolate or snowman-shaped waffles.
  • Leave it with some “snow” (fake snow or flour) from the North Pole.
  • Leave it next to the goblin’s door.
  • Fold it into the shape of a paper plane and stick it high, like it’s stuck!
  • Hide the message somewhere they can see it, like their underwear or inside a cereal box!
Elf letters on green background

This printable will make your elf’s farewell just as memorable as his arrival! ‘Til next year!


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