Decorate Paper Craft Pumpkins with Kids for Fall


Learn how to decorate paper craft pumpkins with basic supplies including paint, tissue paper, and Mod Podge! Kids will have a lot of fun with this fall craft.

Required Skills: Beginner. This fall craft is perfect for kids of all ages. You’ll paint, cut out tissue paper, then attach it with Mod Podge. Very easy, even for people who have never made anything before.

Decorate Paper Craft Pumpkins

Last week I was in Target and realized I hadn’t been to the craft section in a while. I really like the paint colors they have, the wood surfaces, and they even have Mod Podge (just on one side).

I was hoping to find something nice to decorate. , , When I needed a 2-pack of little paper craft pumpkins. , , Everything.

Little did they know, they were about to get a dazzling makeover, Mod Podge Rocks style!

I set out on a mission to transform these little guys from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’, and guess what? You’re coming along for the ride.

You’re going to base coat these bad boys with some white paint, then add a touch of pizzazz with brightly colored tissue paper.

And to seal the deal, you’re going to coat them in Mod Podge. For those unaware, Mod Podge is like the fairy godmother of the craft world, transforming everything it touches into something fabulous.

But I am not stopping here. We’re going to add sparkle mod podge on top. Why? Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my craftmanship, it’s that a little sparkle never hurt anyone.

Now, you may be thinking, “This sounds like a fun fall or Halloween craft for kids.” And you would be right.

It’s the best way to spend an afternoon, especially when the leaves start turning and you feel the cool autumn breeze. But here’s the secret – it’s not just for kids.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about transforming these plain paper pumpkins into something that can be a centerpiece at your next Halloween bash or a charming addition to your autumn decor.

So, grab your Mod Podge and let me show you how it’s done. I promise it will be more fun (and less messy) than trying to carve a real pumpkin.

Scroll down to see the project in all its glory and maybe, just maybe, try it with your kids – or just for yourself. Here’s what you need:

collect these supplies

  • Paper Craft or Paper Mache Pumpkin
  • white craft paint
  • Tissue paper – orange and green for the stem
  • Mod Podge – Any Formula
  • mod podge sparkle
  • Rick rack trim (or yarn, ribbon, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • paint brushes

Tips and Ideas for this Project

I painted the pumpkins with white craft paint so that the tissue paper would *peel* off the surface. If you apply only tissue paper, brown color will appear and the colors will look dirty. If you’re using something thick, like fabric pieces, you won’t need to basecoat with white paint.

I first applied the tissue to the top half of the pumpkin, let it dry, then applied the tissue to the bottom half (and let it dry (turned it over).

You can use sparkle mod podge to apply tissue paper, but I always use their original formulas for this. This is just to make my bottle of Sparkle Podge last longer.

Decorate Paper Craft Pumpkins

Get the printable for this kids’ craft below:

prep time
15 minutes

active time
45 minutes

dry time
40 minutes

total time
1 Hour 40 minutes


Estimated cost


  • Paper Craft or Paper Mache Pumpkin

  • white craft paint

  • Tissue Paper – Orange and Green

  • Mod Podge – Any Formula

  • mod podge sparkle

  • rick rack trim

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