Every once in a while, it pays to have a team-building activity to help boost morale and keep your team spirit up. It also provides an opportunity to form new friendships and strengthen relationships at work.

Personal Moss Wall Art Event Kit by Food Craft

If you live in the New York City area and are looking for team events to attend with your workmates, check out this list we’ve compiled for you!

8 Fun Things to Do with Coworkers in NYC

Go for a food and drink experience

Kits by Food Craft Cookies for decorating tipsy bubble tea with a corporate team and personal events with an autumn theme

From hands-on cooking classes, private chef experiences, and various food-tasting events, there are plenty of unique dining experiences to be had in New York City. You can also check out Food Craft’s kits Cookie decorating class, where you can decorate fresh-baked cookies and learn different decorating techniques such as flooding, wet-wet, and marble. Eat your cookies for dessert, or share with a friend.

Dumb fan? After that Bubble tea making class One for you! Find out how you can cook the perfect tapioca pearls and enjoy not one, not two, but three homemade bubble tea recipes!

Indulge in art

Food craft kit by Japanese art phenomenon.  Left to right: Suminagashi, Furoshiki.  and origami

In addition to satisfying your team’s love of food, you can also unleash their creative side with various art classes around the NYC area. Science has long proven that by creating art, stress levels can decrease rapidly.

Food Craft’s kits exclusively incorporate traditional Japanese arts and crafts for a new unique experience that’s a first for your team. Our favorite Suminagashi The experience may be the one for you for a more relaxed event. You might want to check us out Experience on demand Team building activities eg furoshiki Just in time for gift-giving season or origami to spark a challenge among class teams!

Museum Scavenger Hunt

A woman standing in front of a painting in a museum

You can do this at any museum in New York City because all you need for this activity is a customized map and unique tasks like custom questions, trivia, and photo challenges.

Some of the museums you can visit in New York City include:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • American Museum of Natural History

  • Brooklyn Museum

  • New York Transit Museum

  • 9/11 Memorial Museum

Escape room

A group of people are searching a room

There’s nothing better than running away from a room full of zombies or disarming a bomb before throwing it in a group yell. New York City has a variety of escape rooms that will provide you and your team with an adrenaline-filled experience of around 60 minutes.

New York City Cruise

A Crapport group poses for a photo during their cruise in New York

What better way to cap off a long day than on a cruise? There are plenty of local harbor cruises offering different packages. All you need to do is find one that suits your budget and your team’s needs.

If you want to enjoy the view at a cheaper price, you can always opt for the Staten Island Ferry. It is operated by the New York Department of Transportation and runs through New York Harbor between the New York boroughs of Staten Island and Manhattan.

The trip takes about 2 hours, so it would be nice to have something Custom swag kits Ready for your team. You can give everyone a kit with snacks they can enjoy during the ride, or wine and cheese tasting while overlooking the view.

Trivia Showdown

Screenshot of an online trivia showdown with two opposite men

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is one of New York City’s best corporate outings that promote bonding and collaboration. They can accommodate groups from 6 to 300 participants! The rules are simple – all you have to do is answer some quick and intense trivia questions.

Wine glass

Food craft charcuterie board making kit by event

If your group is tired of “partying,” going to a slow-paced wine-tasting event might be the best option for everyone. Indulge your senses with a variety of wines, compare notes and enjoy the company of your colleagues without spending too much. Just check out some wine-tasting events in NYC and, to be sure, bring a valid ID with you. OK, but have you heard of our customs? Charcuterie platter? Yes! Learn about it to host your next team-building event!

Indoor skydiving

Two people participating in an indoor skydiving event

Nothing gives an adrenaline rush like indoor skydiving! Companies prefer iFLY Westchester Can accommodate groups of all sizes and take you on a thrilling flying experience. They offer a flying training session for beginners and once everyone is ready, participants can have a 45-minute indoor flying experience!

Why are team-building activities important?

Team building activities are essential to help employees communicate effectively and promote collaboration. It can also help determine which of your employees will rise to the occasion and prove to be potential future leaders.

Team building promotes higher morale, long-term retention, and better engagement among employees, and of course, it gives everyone a chance to relax, unwind, and have fun!

How does team building improve performance?

Team building activities help improve performance by building trust among colleagues, mitigating conflict, encouraging communication within teams, and increasing cooperation with one another. These characteristics and values ​​can certainly be carried over into their day-to-day tasks in the office, such as when a team member needs help from their supervisor or when a conflict arises that needs to be resolved.

Work and play!

Team building activities are essential for every employee. It’s a good thing that New York City offers a variety of events for teams to try and engage in From cooking classes, art classes, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, wine tastings, ferry trips, and even indoor skydiving, your group will never run out of things to do in New York City!

Remember to check events at least 2 weeks before your preferred date as some places require reservations and down payments. It is also a good idea to contact the officials ahead of time so that you can ask for the necessary details such as what to wear, what to bring and when you should arrive at the event.

You can also prepare Custom swag from kits by Food Craft Bring your team to these events to make your celebration even more fun!


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