Explore vibrant workshops for an epic New Year’s Eve celebration of the Year of the Dragon in 2024. Find all the best picks on this blog!

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New Year is a special time celebrated all over the world. It is a time for new beginnings and happy feelings. People from different places have their ways of celebrating it, but everyone shares hopes and dreams for the future. The Year of the Dragon symbolizes strength, good fortune and wisdom, infusing celebrations with optimism. From vibrant parades to family reunions, it’s a time when homes and streets resonate with joy, colorful decorations and sumptuous feasts, embodying the spirit of hope, prosperity and new beginnings. When workplaces embrace this spirited occasion, encourage unity and collective enthusiasm for new beginnings.

Something epic for the new year

Every new year gives us a variety of feelings- worrying about what the future holds, we feel hopeful for what the new year will bring and sometimes it can be something that overwhelms us to do better. But what if we tell you that there is a way to start the year, right? By instilling the spirit of learning with your team in this New Year of the Dragon 2024. Embrace new experiences together, setting the perfect tone for a year of growth and togetherness!

1. Mindful doodling

A New Year's Dragon Doodle from Kit by Food Craft Mindful Doodling Experience

Inspired by Zentangle, our artistic art form aims to unleash the creativity of each individual and enter the world of mindful doodling, where a pen stroke transforms into a therapeutic experience. This workshop offers a serene sanctuary to cultivate focus, reduce stress, and ignite artistic expression. For the New Year, invite the team to step into a zen zone with intricate patterns and doodles that symbolize harmony and balance, setting the tone for a harmonious New Year 2024.

2. Energy Cleansing

A woman holding palo santo sticks on an energy cleanse for the New Year

Energy clearing is of significant importance in many cultures during the New Year. It is a practice woven into global traditions, symbolizing a new beginning and the removal of negative energy from the past. Cleansing a space, home or person removes old, stagnant energy and invites new, vibrant energy and renewal. Energy cleansing is a collective effort to say goodbye to any lingering negativity, paving the way for positivity, good fortune, and a clean slate for the days ahead.

3. Ceramic face plantar painting

Ceramic face planter painting for new year

In 2024, encourage the discovery of self-expression and creativity with your team. Learn acrylic painting with a ceramic face planter. Create your unique planter, bringing character and life to your workplace or home. This workshop encourages teamwork while adding an element of earthy aesthetics and nurturing greenery—an ideal way to symbolize growth and prosperity for the coming year.

4. New Year’s cookie decorating

New Year's cookie decorating

Embarking on a cookie-decorating adventure with your team is an exciting way to start the new year! It’s more than just frosting and sprinkles – it’s a chance to bond, laugh and get creative together. This sweet activity encourages teamwork, sparks the imagination, and brings out everyone’s inner pastry artist. Expect lots of laughs, collaborative fun, and a sprinkle of sweet success to sweeten the start of the year as you dive into this exhilarating experience!

5. Virtual Journey to China

New Year in Chinatown

Celebrate Lunar New Year like a local! This interactive virtual tour of China lets your team choose their own adventure, uncovering hidden gems and exhilarating challenges. Led by a knowledgeable guide, this is the perfect way for remote and hybrid groups to experience the magic of Chinese culture.

6. Mahjong with the team

Mahjong during the New Year

Experience the thrill of Mahjong through a virtual setting, allowing team members from different locations to come together and enjoy this cultural gem. Whether you are an experienced player or new to the game, the dynamic nature of Mahjong ensures an enjoyable and immersive experience for all, perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year as a united team.

7. Chinese paper cutting

Chinese New Year traditional paper cut

Paper cutting is a favorite craft during Chinese New Year, often used to create a 3D representation of the character “Spring” on red paper. This simple but meaningful activity, requiring minimal materials, offers versatility as the finished piece can be hung upright or upside down. When displayed upside down, it symbolizes the arrival of spring, as the word “upside down” in Mandarin is similar to the word “arrival”.

Welcome 2024 with a bang!

A woman holding a glass of cocktail to promote New Year's early-bird event bookings

Embrace the New Year with Live workshop, which respects tradition, promotes creativity, and fosters connections between distant groups. Each experience serves as a message of the prosperity, growth and community spirit that defines this joyous occasion. Get a headstart on an epic year for your team by booking our limited time only early-bird event! Here’s what you need to know – book any event before 15 January 2024 and get:

Explore our no-cook food workshops, cocktail and mocktail sessions, perfect for the perfect Year of the Dragon Happy Hour, or indulge in other arts and crafts events that bring teams together, encouraging growth and prosperity.


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