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DIY Countertops For Your Next Kitchen Transformation

Instead of spending a fortune on renovations, build your own DIY countertop to revitalize your kitchen. Get inspired with these 9 ideas that will transform your kitchen space and keep your costs down.

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Refresh your kitchen for a fraction of the cost with these 9 DIY countertops

1. Marble countertops

Beautiful close-up of custom designed kitchen marble  DIY Countertops

It can be expensive when you want to change your entire preparation area to a pure marble slab. However, with this DIY countertop, you can create a marble-inspired replica for a reasonable price.

Achieve a limestone-looking surface by using marble-patterned contact paper. With a small amount, you can make your counter look sleek and polished. You can also be resourceful and use a card to smooth out imperfections.

In addition to Contact paperYou can also use Paint to achieve a marble look. In this process, layering is key. You also need to unleash your artistic side to create realistic feathers and veins.

2. Glossy countertops

White Gloss Kitchen Interior Worktop |  DIY Countertops

You don’t have to tire of cleaning your countertop just to make it shine. Get rid of those rags, and get one Paintbrush Instead.

Choose a monochromatic shade to make your prep station elegant. If you have dark cabinets, you can choose a lighter color for your counter.

Clean your countertop, then lightly sand it so your paint adheres better. Be sure to remove any residue before coating with primer and applying a layer of paint. Remember to reach all the way down to the smallest part of the surface.

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can apply glitter for an added texture and dimension.

3. Old door countertop

Wooden Countertop |  DIY Countertops

Reuse your old doors, and transform them into a work surface in your kitchen. This DIY countertop adds a warmth to your room. Also, it will last for years as it is durable.

Remove your laminate countertop, and use it as your template. Put it on you wooden door, then trace its shape. Cut, sand, and stain your door to carry a refined look.

Once you’re ready to install your new counter, place your wood door and screw it into place. Be sure to inspect it for any cracks or damage. You can add veneer edges to cover the inside particle board.

4. Chalkboard countertop

Natural stone countertops  DIY Countertops

Even for a small space, the cost of soapstone can be far beyond your budget. However, you can still mimic the timeless look of a chalkboard by copying its matte look.

to start Plain plywoodthen use Chalkboard paint and a Transparent protective finish. Apply this coat using a Sponge roller.

Don’t worry if you notice some stains and water spots. Best of all, they can bring a natural effect to your counter. The end product will look like a soft stone made up of different minerals.

5. Stainless steel countertop

Kitchen steel countertop  DIY Countertops

You may think that stainless steel scratches easily and is only suitable for utility spaces like your laundry room. However, you can see it as a stylish and easy-to-clean kitchen worktop. It is also heat-tolerant and stain-resistant.

This type of counter is reliable and has a lot to offer in the hard-working cooking area. It also offers a professional mood as it incorporates a look that you would see in restaurants.

With this DIY countertop, you can combine modern and traditional prep zones. Most chefs can also attest to its toughness as it can stand up to even the toughest treatments.

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6. Tile countertops

White Ceramic Mosaic Tile Tabletop |  DIY Countertops

Make your kitchen look spacious, bright and modern by using tiles for your DIY countertop.

Even if you don’t have extensive DIY skills, you can still install these tiles on your counter. You can either go for a hexagon pattern painted in yellow and white for that retro feel. On the other hand, if you’re after simplicity, a square format is ideal.

You can choose too Handmade tiles Which results in a rustic vibe. They add a European touch to your cooking area.

If your prep zone is subject to the daily grind, you can choose Porcelain tiles. They consist of different minerals and clays that create a durable material that is harder than ceramic.

7. Granite countertops

Granite Countertop Modern Kitchen |  DIY Countertops

To update your old kitchen countertop, use Heavy duty contact paper Which looks like granite. Remember to apply it carefully so that it resembles the natural mineral. Plus, it’s only temporary so you can remove it if you’re renting and moving out.

Another way to create False granite Is by painting. Sand your kitchen countertop to prepare it to receive paint.

Choose from three paint colors ranging from black to gray shades. Dab the paint using a marine sponge then finish it off with a protective coat. You can also include glitter to copy the depth of the real stone.

8. Resurfaced Countertops

Samples of Glass Subway Tiles Used in Kitchen |  DIY Countertops

Since your kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home, it can be difficult to find the time to remodel it. Instead of replacing your entire countertop, you can maximize your existing work surface and make the best of it.

If you have a laminate counter, you can turn its worn state into a new-looking and durable prep zone. Apply the base coat, sand the surface, then cover it with a protective finish. On the other hand, if it is made of wood, you can choose to aim for a rustic finish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and textures. You can choose between different self-sticking laminates and paints to cover your desired surface. That way, you’ll only spend a fraction of what it would cost to replace your entire counter.

9. Concrete countertops

Kitchen room sink with cement countertop  DIY Countertops

Building a concrete countertop sounds challenging, but it’s rewarding at the same time. If you are new to this material, you can keep your DIY countertop simple. You can finish this project in a few weekends.

Measure your current work surface, and create the mold where you will pour your concrete. Additionally, create a frame to support the surrounding area. Remember that concrete is heavy, and you don’t want its edges to bend with its heaviness.

Don’t worry if it comes out with imperfections. You can sand it until the entire surface is smooth and even.

In addition to DIY countertops, you can invest in items like cabinets while staying within your budget. Watch this video by Alexandra Getter for more ideas on how you can upgrade your kitchen:


Since countertops are subject to daily wear and tear, you will eventually need to replace them. Enjoy both savings and a mind-blowing makeover for your kitchen with these DIY countertops.

Do you have any other ideas in mind for your next DIY countertops? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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