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The Dutch are proud of their botanicals, their world famous tulips are not only a major export but also bring hordes of visitors to their country every spring to see their flowers. I decided to visit in the fall instead and arrived in Amsterdam by train in late September just as the leaves were starting to turn.

A walkable European city like Amsterdam always appeals to me. Exploring a new city on foot, ducking down the street and looking in shop windows is one of my favorite things in life. The calmness I felt walking around Amsterdam was the most pleasant experience. It’s a quiet town on a weekday, with only the sounds of boats moving through the canals and the occasional bicycle bell letting you know they’re nearby.

The dark iron railings, lampposts and black trim of the house were a stark contrast to the fall palette of reds, oranges and yellows. Shops and nearby flower markets also had their botanical displays. As the sun slowly sets over the buildings, casting shadows across the canals and streets, the city becomes more overwhelming. I found it quite romantic, the perfect place to slip out in an autumn coat and wander around with your special someone, duck into the cafe for an aperitif or meal.

Interested in an autumn walk in the streets of Amsterdam? Let’s go:

Everyone raves about the Netherlands in spring, but after experiencing it, autumn is equally lovely.


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