Xena Workwear Safety Boots Review


Xena workwear safety boots review

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I thought I’d take a break from home decor content today to talk about a very practical addition to my wardrobe: the new Valence safety shoes from We put on our work clothes. The brand reached out to me earlier this month to talk about the idea of ​​a partnership, and at first, I thought my lifestyle didn’t really justify the need for ASTM-certified, OSHA-compliant shoes. But then I imagined my weekly routine of moving heavy furniture myself, moving potted plants up and down the brick steps (which aren’t really coded…), and climbing ladders to extend them to shelves out of reach, and imagining I realized I was actually… excellent A candidate for safety shoes – and you might be too!

Xena workwear safety boots reviewXena workwear safety boots review

This was the first time I learned about… We put on our work clothes brand, but after doing a little research, I was hooked. It is a women-owned company that was founded due to the significant absence of safety shoes designed to specifically fit women’s feet. Men’s feet are built differently, and it’s about time someone came out with a set of safety shoes that follow the natural shape of a woman’s foot, and can keep them safe and look good doing it.

My new Valence steel toe boots Slip resistant and very comfortable to wear around the house while working on projects. I’m embarrassed to admit that the work shoes I used to wear for lifting weights around our house were flip-flops, and sometimes even flip-flops. I’m not proud of that fact, and it could have cost me dearly, physically And Financially – if you get into an accident (which, frankly, was bound to happen at some point). I feel more confident and protected now with these shoes.

Xena workwear safety boots review

Yes, they’re great for home projects and going to the hardware store to do more heavy lifting in the wood and paint can aisles, but I also really appreciate how stylish these shoes are. I’ve consumed them at the apple orchard, our favorite wine tasting room, and even the grocery store. It’s nice to know that I don’t know look It’s like I’m wearing very practical shoes. They have the same look as any of my more modern shoes, and I think that’s a smart combination. Parity It has a double elastic band on both sides and pull tabs with a hidden front tab to make it easy to put on and take off, and after just a few wears, I can feel the softness of the leather to fit perfectly on my feet and ankles as well. Such a dream!

If you want to try the pair for yourself, Use my code DREAMGREENDIY20 for $20 off. Did I mention that each pair is handcrafted in North America? By the way, I got them in responsibly sourced full-grain chestnut leather, and chose my normal shoe size, 7.5. I have very narrow feet, but “regular” works well for me. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and I’ll be sure to share more details.

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