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Wood Serving Board DIY – Paper and Stitch

This wooden serving board was a diamond in the rough.

arched wooden serving board with lemon slices on top

I found this wooden serving board at TJMax for $6 and loved the shape, but I wasn’t a fan of the engraved flowers (or the pen drawings on it). I was pretty sure that, with the help of a little grease, I would be able to sand the carving out of the wood. So I brought it home to try it. Took a little more work than I expected, but it worked! And now I have a simple, minimalist serving board in just the right shape without the flowers.

This would be a great project to try with what was available at the thrift store, so if you’d like more details on how I sanded it, what tools I used, etc click over.

Sliced ​​lemons and oranges on a wooden cutting board with a patterned tablecloth and porcelain

Wooden serving board with engraving, as well as serving board without engraving

Wood Serving Board DIY

Such serving boards, which are thick, are usually quite expensive. So when I saw the price, I jumped at it.

I almost didn’t make it to checkout because I was unsure whether I would be able to sand the engraving (it was pretty deep). And if it didn’t work, I didn’t want to waste it.

But then I convinced myself that it was possible and went home to try it.

Here are the tools I used…

That’s it! I’ve linked directly to the sander I used, in case that’s useful to you. We have many sanders and this one is the most powerful we have. Great for projects like this that require a good amount of material removal.

One last thing to note before we get started: You will also need to find a work surface to use for sanding. So keep that in mind.

If you have something freestanding that you can hang out in, that would be ideal.

Because unless you have an attachment for your sander to vacuum up all the sawdust dust, it will be a messy process.

Slice lemons on wooden arch-shaped cutting board

Table with neutral, patterned tablecloth, ceramic plates, minimal glassware, and a wooden serving board with citrus

how i removed the wood carving

I set up a work surface outside (we use it). bora centipede He turns) and clamped the wooden serving board to the table as tightly as I could.

Then, attach the sanding disc to your sander and reach for it. Depending on how deep the engraving is, you may sand a few times. If you’re just removing surface scratches, pen marks, etc., this won’t take more than a few minutes.

But for deep carving like mine, more effort will be required. I can’t remember exactly how much time I actually spent sanding, but it was definitely less than 30 minutes. So its not too late to think.

Note on sanding: Although the engraved design was only on the bottom of the serving board, I had to sand the entire surface. To avoid having an uneven surface at the end.

Once sanding is complete. wipe it off cutting board oil (by wiping with a cloth or old t-shirt) to ensure a good seal across the entire board.

Let it dry (I’d say at least 24 hours to be safe) and then it’s ready to use.

You can use the finished piece as a cutting board or serving board. Make sure to re-oil the board whenever it starts to dry out. Which usually happens only once or twice a year.

Wooden serving boards in various shapes and sizes

wooden serving boards to buy

And if you’ve gotten this far and are saying to yourself, eh, I don’t know if I want to try that, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some beautiful wooden serving boards that you won’t even need to DIY because they’re just perfect.

1. 2 Piece Wood Cutting Board Set $20 – Perfect for Everyday

2. Rosella Serving Board $36

3. Reyes Cutting Board $14 – such a great price!

4. simple wooden arch cutting board $85 – these are my favorites

5. oak serving board $80

6. Tikal Wood Serving Board $125 – comes in 2 colors

7. walnut cutting board $78

8. wooden arch serving board $18

9. rubber wood serving board $20

slicing lemons on a wooden cutting board on a table outside

Sliced ​​citrus on arch cutting board with minimalist modern details cutting lemon and knife on the table outside

Are you looking for more serving board / cutting board inspiration? Check them out…


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