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Whenever I consider a dark tone paint color, my eyes always go straight to the olive green or slate blue family. Rarely do I consider dark red or dark burgundy as a layer color on a wall, but that’s a personal preference.

I’ll admit that wine and burgundy tones have a charm, they feel sensual and romantic when subdued, especially this time of year when moody spaces feel extra cozy. I especially love using deep wine tones in a dining room, a small bathroom or a study.

But I know myself, as attractive as these tones are, I know if I paint my walls burgundy, I’ll want to change it six months later when spring arrives.

are you like me Would you ever commit to burgundy paint on the walls? These sophisticated spaces may make you reconsider!

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kin and kasa

Chris loves Julia

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through Greed is the house

Consider burgundy tones not only for walls, but also for cabinets. These seem like the perfect shade of lipstick, don’t they?

McGrath 2

devol kitchen

Palmer Weiss Design

James May Holmes

Color design is collective

The wolf is home

Would you be so brave? Would you paint your cabinets wine or burgundy? Or the walls of your house?


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