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White Russian – A Beautiful Mess

The White Russian Cocktail originally came from the Black Russian Cocktail when someone added heavy cream to the classic drink in the 1950s. This drink was fairly popular until the classic 1998 movie came out Big Lebowski Help her rise in popularity. Few films have influenced cocktail culture as much as “The Dude.”

This drink is perfect for an after dinner drink. This three-ingredient cocktail is easy to master and serve at home. Let’s learn how to make a classic White Russian cocktail.

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White Russian components

  • vodka -Choose high-quality, unflavored vodka.
  • Eat them – Classic rum and coffee. This is the primary ingredient because most of the flavor comes from the kahlo.
  • Heavy cream – Adding cream to the recipe.

The best cup for a White Russian drink is Rock glass. You will also want to do this Large ice cubes To drink like this. The preparation time for this drink is only a few minutes, so taking the time to prepare an ice cube is worth it because it elevates the presentation.

What does White Russian bait taste like?

White Russian is a smooth, coffee-flavored drink. It tastes like a version of an iced latte, perfectly creamy and easy to sip. If you enjoy affogato or coffee-flavored ice cream, you’ll likely love this cocktail.


In a rocks glass, pour the Kahlua, vodka and a large ice cube.

Top with a splash of heavy cream.

Stir slightly to fully mix ingredients before sipping.


The White Russian Cocktail is a variation of the Black Russian Cocktail that was created by bartender Gustav Tops when another bartender in Oakland, California decided to add heavy cream to the drink in 1955. The drink was fairly popular over the next few decades.

In the 1998 Coen brothers film, Big LebowskiIt changed everything for the White Russian. Very few times in history has an on-screen character had such a significant impact on the popularity of a cocktail (think Carrie Bradshaw and her influence on Cosmo). Since 1998, the White Russian has been one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Emma and I visited A Big Lebowski– A themed bar in Iceland and drinking White Russians together.

Tips for making

  • Drink this cocktail fully mixed. Pictures in which the cream and coffee-flavored drink are not yet fully mixed are the most convincing and beautiful, but this drink is even tastier once the three ingredients are fully mixed.
  • Use larger pieces of ice that melt more slowly for the best sipping experience. The larger the ice cubes, the slower they melt.
  • Heavy cream is recommended and half and half will work if that’s what you have on hand. We don’t recommend using dairy products that are thinner than half-and-half (whole milk is too watery). If you’re going for a dairy-free option, opt for thick vegan cream.
  • The best vodka for a White Russian is a high-quality, mid-priced brand like Titos (my favorite brand), Gray Goose, or Smirnoff. Anything fancy isn’t necessary because the main flavor you’ll taste in this drink is from the Kahlua.

White Russian variations

  • Russian White Mint -We love this festive White Russian Mint.
  • White Russian Pumpkin Spice – Substitute Kahlua with seasonal Pumpkin Spice Kahlua for this seasonal variation.
  • White Russian Vegetarian -We have a recipe for a dairy-free White Russian.
  • Black Russian -Technically, this is the drink that came before the White Russian, but by omitting the heavy cream from this recipe, you get a Black Russian.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream -You can replace heavy cream with Bailey’s cream if you have it.

Serving suggestions go great

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Frequently asked questions

What is the White Russian made of?

A White Russian recipe consisting of vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream. It is served over ice.

What is the difference between black and white Russian?

The only difference between the black and white Russian recipe is whether to add cream or not.

Why is it called White Russian?

When cream was first added to the “Black Russian” cocktail it became the “White Russian.” This drink did not originate in Russia, but it is named so because its base spirit is vodka.

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Get the recipe
Get the recipe

Learn how to make a White Russian cocktail at home.


  • In a rocks glass, add Kahlua, vodka and a large ice cube.

  • Top with a splash of heavy cream.

  • Stir slightly to fully mix ingredients before sipping.


Nutritional facts

White Russians

Amount per service

% daily value*

*Percent Daily Values ​​are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Note: Nutrition is automatically calculated using Spoonacular, for your convenience. Where appropriate, we recommend using your own nutrition calculations.


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