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Today, I thought I’d answer some frequently asked questions about one of my favorite and most used craft supplies: Mod Podge. I’m also sharing a random craft project I did to celebrate the launch of my novel, Manual killing.

I shared this project as a video on our Instagram account a few weeks ago. When I did, I pointed out that this project was inspired by Lauren Holyfield Because she made something similar and shared it on IG. I loved her version of seashells and thought decorating a champagne bottle to look like my book cover would be the perfect way to celebrate the launch of my first self-publishing. Cheers!

What is Mod Podge?

Mod Podge is a glue, sealant and finish all in one. It comes in a variety of weights and finishes, including glossy or glossy. You can use mod podge to adhere cut-out pieces of paper to most surfaces, and once dry, you can also use it to seal the item.

Mod podge comes in a variety of containers and can be applied in different ways, but I tend to use a paintbrush for both glue-on cut paper as well as stamping projects.

What are the uses of Mod Podge?

It’s a great resource for collage and decoupage projects. You can use it for a variety of other craft projects as well. Mod Podge will likely be used for anything that requires medium to light glue (not hot glue or super glue).

For this project, I saved the collage pieces I used for my book cover. I had already scanned it and saved it digitally (which I sent to my book cover designer), so I also printed and cut it out so I had multiples.

I painted the outside of the champagne bottle with acrylic paint that I mixed to match my book cover. I adhered the decals with painters tape so I didn’t have to be too careful while painting.

Once the paint was dry, I used mod podge to add the cut out pieces of paper to the bottle. Once this layer dried, I sealed the entire painted area, with the glued pieces, using mod podge again.

Best collage supplies

Filing junk mail, thrifting, or taking advantage of used book sales (such as a Friends of the Library book sale) are great ways to stock up on collected paper supplies without cutting out new books/resources (which can be expensive and sad).

This is what it looks like when Mod Podge is fresh on the surface. It looks white and somewhat cloudy but dries completely.

What is decoupage?

Decoupage is the art of decorating the body with cut leaves by sticking them on the body. This can also include adding other elements such as paint, glitter, gold leaf, etc. The word comes from the French word decupier, which means to cut. This basic technique has been used by many cultures historically to decorate all kinds of objects including tombs, caskets, windows, and even religious items.

Paper craft projects you can try

Check out the entire paper craft archive for more!

In addition to the champagne bottle I made myself to open and celebrate after the launch, I also made a mini version with Prosecco for my proofreader, interior designer, book cover designer, and early readers. These were so much fun to make and celebrate!

You can find my version Manual killing on Amazon or learn how to order a copy from your favorite bookstore or library here.


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