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What I Always Buy From Trader Joe’s

What I always buy is from Trader Joe's

Like most people, I’m very fond of Trader Joe’s. This is probably too big an assumption to make (that everyone is a TJ’s fan), but it seems like everyone I know personally has at least one or two specific items they can’t live without from that grocery store. I don’t think I could use Trader Joe’s as my exclusive place to shop for groceries because I love things like fresh cuts of meat and other specialty items that only big box grocery stores carry, but my mom and I definitely make it a point to go to TJ’s at least once a month to stock up on all of our favorite things .

It’s worth noting that it’s a 35-minute drive to our nearest Trader Joe’s, so we usually spend an entire day there, going grocery shopping, eating a delicious lunch, and visiting our antique stores in that area. .You get the point! Trader Joe’s Day is always a lot of fun, and I love stocking up on our favorite pantry staples. I also love seeing everyone’s favorite TJ picks, so keep scrolling for details on all of that for me You must own it.

What I always buy is from Trader Joe's

What I always buy from Trader Joe’s:

1. Tuati Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: This is the only wine I drink from the grocery store now – seriously! It’s so light, refreshing, and delicious, and at only $6.99 per bottle, I can stock up without draining my grocery budget.

2. Mini pretzels covered in milk and dark chocolate: We always keep a bag of these in our fridge. It’s the perfect sweet and salty dessert, and is even more delicious when chilled, in our opinion.

3. Casio e Pepe puffs: I bought it on a whim a month or two ago, and devoured it in record time. It’s so delicious, with the perfect touch of black pepper. I can see this being a fun and unexpected addition to a cheese board.

4. Whole grain Dijon mustard: This mustard is a great upgrade from regular Dijon due to the addition of whole mustard seeds. It gives any sandwich a delicious boost of texture. We also use it in our homemade chicken salad.

5. Lemon Pesto and Basil Pesto Sauce: I love TJ’s pesto any Kindly. It’s absolutely wonderful mixed into pasta, or used to add flavor to an English muffin with an egg on top. Just make sure to use it quickly because I’ve found that it spoils faster than other grocery store pesto.

6. Cuban style citrus garlic seasoning blend: I love. this. spices. I put it on practically any savory dish I eat. From turkey sandwiches and chicken salad to pasta, eggs and potatoes. I’m obsessed with the delicious citrus flavour.

7. Crispy hot onions: John and I have just started using this to add heat to our meals since our favorite sambal seems to have disappeared from all our grocery store shelves. It’s truly delicious and gives our appetizers just the right kick of spices every time.

8. Peanut butter filled pretzel pieces: Without a doubt, this has been my favorite snack for years and years. I just eat three of these little pastries when I get really hungry in the afternoon, and it helps keep me satisfied until dinner.

9. Jasmine rice: We use this for every rice bowl or curry base we make! Here’s our favorite coconut rice recipeAnd that’s the way we’ve always done it. Combine with TJ’s Organic Coconut Milk to preserve the brand, if desired.

10. Candied pecans: I love adding it to cheese boards at home. Sometimes you just need something sweet with all that bread and cheese, you know?

11. Crispy jalapeno pieces: We love these as a topping for spicy tacos. The extra crunch is a nice bonus too.

What I always buy is from Trader Joe's

I didn’t mention things like Pizza sauceCapers, dried cranberries, sliced ​​almonds, olive oil, soy sauce, etc. Because these pantry staples are really self-explanatory, but I love getting them specifically from Trader Joe’s. They’re often organic, which is very important to us, and the price is definitely better than what we’ll find at the local “big” grocery stores in town. Did you leave out your favorite TJ’s picks? Let me know what it is in the comments You Always stock up when shopping at Trader Joe’s.

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