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What Comes First When Remodeling a House

Remodeling your home can be an exciting but stressful endeavor. There are often many moving parts. You have to think about when to install your kitchen cabinets, what paint colors to choose for the room, which contractor to choose to take care of your exterior painting and more. It’s no surprise, then, that understanding the sequence of installing flooring and coats of paint can be confusing.

Laying new floors

In this blog post, we’ll provide guidance on which of these services to tackle first to ensure the success of your renovation project

Importance of flooring and paint

Both flooring and painting are important variables in determining the visual and practical qualities of a home. The floor lays the foundation of the entire space, influencing its design, longevity and ambience. Paint, on the other hand, gives walls visual interest and character, acting as a canvas on which to express your creativity. To determine which should be completed first, many variables must be considered and the remodeling process must be carefully planned.

Things to consider when deciding to install new flooring or paint

Since every renovation is different, it’s important to look at a few important factors before installing your new flooring or deciding to paint the walls.

Mess produced

Renovation works are notorious for producing dust and debris. When deciding whether to start painting or flooring first, it’s important to think about the mess involved. Installing new flooring, especially if it involves removing existing flooring, can create a lot of dust and dirt. If interior painting has already been done, you run the risk of ruining the paint job.

Installing a new floor can be messy, and so can residential or commercial painting, especially if sanding or repair of wall damage is required. Careful planning and coordination with your construction company can help minimize the impact of the mess while also ensuring that each phase of the job complements the others.

Timeline and budget

Cost and timeline are two important factors that can influence your decision-making process. If part of the task demands a large financial investment or has an extended lead time, it may be desirable to prioritize that aspect. This approach helps in managing project funding and ensuring that all critical components are addressed without undue delay

Furthermore, it is important to assess the availability of supplies and labor. If the selected flooring or paint delivery time is longer, starting with the one that will take longer to find ensures that the job is on track.

Type of flooring or paint

Practical concerns, such as the type of flooring and paint material, may influence which is installed first. If you are installing hardwood or tile floors, you should keep in mind that these materials may require more time for sanding or special assembly procedures. In this case, starting with the floor is preferable for greater efficiency.

Likewise, some paint varieties may have unique requirements or drying times. If a specific paint finish or method is important to the design, it’s best to start with painting first to avoid any problems during floor installation.

The family painted a wall

Scope or nature of work

Another thing you need to consider before deciding whether to install your new flooring first or tackle the paintwork is looking at the scope or nature of the job. Suppose significant changes have been made to the structure of the house for restoration, such as taking down partitions or changing the floor plan. In that case it is better to tackle the floor first. This guarantees that it is spread evenly throughout the space, resulting in a unified and consistent result.

However, if the changes are mainly cosmetic, such as changing the color scheme or adding decorative elements, starting with paint may be a better option. Painting is a versatile and inexpensive method to give a space a new and fresh look without requiring major structural changes.


You also need to look at the overall design concept for the space. If the chosen color or pattern of the floor is important to the aesthetic, starting with the floor can help set the tone. On the other hand, if a specific paint color or method is important to the design, starting with painting may be a better option.

However, remember that other factors may influence your choice, so when deciding whether to start with painting first, you may want to seek professional services.

Obtaining professional guidance can be really useful when painting or installing a floor. Experienced contractors and architects can offer advice to help you decide which would be best. They can provide advice based on the unique requirements of the project, considering the preparation required, materials used and more.

Working with experts from the beginning of the planning process can help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve desired results without delays and accidents. Clear communication is important to coordinate the numerous tasks involved and ensure a smooth rebuilding process. Whether you reach out to contractors via Twitter or talk to them on the phone, consulting installation experts on painting and flooring services can be an important part of any renovation.

Bottom line

When remodeling your home or business space, the decision to tackle flooring or painting first is influenced by a variety of practical concerns, design goals, and other important factors. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution as each initiative is unique and may require a customized strategy. That’s why recruitment Licensed Flooring Installer A perfect solution in all cases.

Ultimately, a well-organized and deliberate planning process, taking into account factors such as the amount of dirt produced, the materials involved, the type of service required, budget and time constraints, and more, can help home and business owners make the most appropriate choices.

Whether starting with floors or walls, the keys to a successful remodeling project are careful consideration, careful preparation, and excellent communication with those involved. Prioritizing these elements will allow you to embark on a remodeling journey that transforms your property into something unique and aesthetically pleasing.


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