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What $500 Gets You From Revival Rugs

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

*Today’s post was published thanks Renaissance carpets, and features the gifted producer for explicit review purposes. . All opinions are my own

There have been a lot of changes in our guest room over the past few months. The room has already seen its fair share of rugs, artwork, lamps, bedding, and, frankly, me Still I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the look. I think it’s going to be one of those spaces that takes a few different iterations to get right. Fortunately, I’m in no rush, and as long as I choose decor that matches the color palette and vibe of the entire house, I know I can simply move things that don’t fit into another room in the house — that way, I’m getting the most for my money during this trial phase of My decorating process.

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

Speaking of my “dollars,” the one thing I want to be more conscious of throughout 2024 as I decorate our home is budget. Last year was very expensive for us. We discovered that many things in our new home were going wrong (think: attic fans, our large home generator, boiler, etc.) and needed to be repaired or replaced. John then had to have an emergency appendectomy. Our savings took a big hit! We are determined to be as frugal as possible this year to build our finances back up, and that means I have to be very careful about the decor I invest in for our home.

Since the guest room is my current focus, I thought I’d take you with me as I budget for new items. I have worked with Revival for several years and have always appreciated and appreciated their prices love Carpets, glassware and textiles. It was easy to collaborate with them again to update the guest room with new pieces from their collection. I was given a budget of $500, and ended up spending exactly $478 (well…$503 with tax).

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

So, this is what I got: Full size washed cotton duvet cover In their “terra” color Kanta lamp in “C“Lassic Beige” and a 7’10” x 10″ version. Revival Soluba Washable Area Rug In colorBeige bones. When budgeting for decor, I try hard to focus on how I distribute those dollars across an entire room. If you are able to budget for a rug, this is ideal since an area rug takes up a lot of room and makes a great focal point. Go as big as possible with the things you buy to make those dollars visually significant.

Soluba rug It was listed for $399 in the 7’10” x 10″ size we got, and I was actually able to take advantage of the sale on top of that, so it cost $319.20 – about 2/3 of my $500 budget. I love the fact that this rug is washable, so it’s very easy to keep clean (even if you only treat it), and the solid creamy white color helped brighten up the room as well. The high/low cut texture at the top of the rug also caught my attention. It feels so nice and soft underfoot! I love him.

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

With about $180 left, I set my heart on new bedding for the room. I ended up finding This rust-colored quilt, and I thought it would be a great way to make our guest bed stand out against the new light cream rug. Although you see the bed shown here with sand-colored sheets (which we already had), I… an act Finally spring for Matching rusty “Terra” sun from Revival During Black Friday sales to complete the look. Even with two-tone bedding, I think you can tell Bedding in bolder colors It added a ton of eye-catching appeal to the room.

I spent $79.20 on the comforter, which left me with about $100. To finish off my order, I decided to purchase a modern sculptural table lamp. I chose the beige version of Revival’s Canta Lamp to complement the new creamy white rug, but the lamp still manages to stand out despite the neutral shade color due to the angular gold frame. The lamp, unfortunately, is no longer available on the Revival website, but I hope they bring it back. Isn’t it that eye-catching?! A truly unique table piece is a great way to stretch your decor budget.

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

What do you think of the three items I chose for our guest room? It’s amazing how far a budget of $500 can take a Revival website. Their small team works hard to make sure you’re not paying high prices on beautiful, well-made rugs and textiles, and I can absolutely attest to the quality of the items in their collection. If you’d like to see more of my previous partnership with Revival, click here , here , and be sure to check it out Safiri storefront To see what’s on my current revival wish list (psssst…when you shop my storefront, you get an automatic 15% discount!).

What $500 gets you from Revival Rugs

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