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We have been living mostly outside for the past few days as our floor renovation situation continues. Most of the downstairs furniture is in the backyard or garage. We made it an adventure eating al fresco and lounging outside on upholstered sofas. Luckily it’s not winter, so the weather is working in our favor.

We finally got around to seeing looking for italy With Stanley Tucci, you’ll want to book a trip ASAP if I warn you. She did a great job covering all the territory and inspired several pasta dishes at our house this week. Our nineteen year old daughter loves to cook so she is tackling a few of her recipes, good to hand the reigns over to her before she heads off to college at the end of the month, she has become quite the chef. I am sure her roommates will be delighted if she cooks the same for them.

Favorite Link of the Week:

Beautiful stone walls and lovely levels fill it Well-furnished Alabama home.

This is the kitchen Backsplash tile is the most beautiful color.

Definition of a murphy door And why it’s trending.

I used two colors This list is warm white When we had to repaint the interior of our house.

young dealer Which makes antiques cool again.

Herbs you need for home A cocktail garden.

Well done: this DIY plaster electric fireplace.

Forty beautiful suburban streets To bookmark for viewing across America.

Interesting: why British and Commonwealth others Drive to the left.

When Italy, how Eat like a local.

“How are you?” How to start more instead Brilliant small talk.


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