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A big storm is happening where I am so I’m spending more time indoors, but luckily I have my ceramics studio to escape too. I’ve been spending extra time throwing clay at the wheel this month to improve my skills. My studio has a large barn door that we open to get fresh air, it’s next to a plant nursery and I find clay sculpture very meditative while being so close to nature.

I’m in the middle of preparing for another craft market hosted by the building where my local shop is located. I’m up to my lease at the end of March in anticipation of moving to Florida this summer, so if you live near Sonoma County, stop by the market on Saturday because everything in my store will be 30% off including ceramics, art prints, jewelry, and all the cute gifts I’ve been selling for the past few weeks. Have curated the month! 🙂

Favorite Link of the Week:

The decoration of this house is inspired by an English pub.

This is a remodeled home In Charleston.

this beautiful house Newport Beach is filled with neutrals.

If you like brightly colored furniture, you will appreciate it This is the designer’s portfolio.

This is filled with soft colors and patterns Colonial house.

I found this beautiful and colorful Flameless taper candles.

The 90/90 rule To reduce your clothes.

how don’t bother flight attendant

New Info: Single Women Now More homeowners than single men

If you are looking for new Feud series, here A bit of background On the original ‘Duck’.


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