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Week in Review » Lovely Indeed

Literally the only pictures or videos I took this week were of me cleaning out studio cabinets, so here’s one from a while ago.

(It was this kind of week.)

Not particularly fun or happy or creative, just a week to get through. Sometimes we go through those weeks, and that’s okay.

But that being said, there are always a few things I turn to when I have a “just getting through” week. These are for you below. Have a nice weekend! xoxo

for me Electric tea kettle He always works overtime for me, which is how I justify this admittedly a brag. But I stand 1000 percent behind this thing and use it multiple times daily.

And speaking of tea, this It is the best earl gray i have found if you like tea bags rather than loose leaf. Perfect for all seasons and very pretty.

Working out always helps me focus on myself during tough weeks. The Peleton hack I built is still going strong and literally saves me thousands of dollars (in fact, I did the math in this post).

This music video Such a joy! The casting, the choreography, the lighting, the idea – all of it.

And thisThe recording sessions for Disney’s “Hercules” are incredible, especially all the musicals – I love how many Broadway artists end up in Disney movies.

Favorite candle of all time He was also giving off all the good vibes this week. (despite of this I recently found that second place is pretty close.)


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