Warm Spaces with Brown Tones


As a natural response to changing seasons, we welcome darker colors in fall and winter and choose lighter colors in spring and summer. Fall is not here, brown colors seem especially attractive. Earth tones are becoming popular again, but I find it interesting when we say colors are “out” or “in”, especially those that are dominant in nature like blues, greens and browns.

As we all know, preferred palettes in interior design change from year to year. We are definitely in a warmer tone phase and have moved far away from the grays that were so popular ten years ago. If you use medium to dark wood tones in your furniture or accent choices, you are already decorating with brown, one of nature’s most common colors. Below are some inspiring examples of how to be more intentional with brown tones

with paint

Cabinetry, wall paneling, ceiling and door trim, and walls are all surfaces where an application of chocolate or latte adds warmth and sophistication.

McGrath two

living in the country

House seven designs

Jake Arnold

Heidi Callier

inappropriate room

In this paragraphExperts suggest their favorite rich and versatile brown paint colors.

including wallpaper

Vintage botanical wallpaper motifs or elegant grasscloths are alternative ways to warm walls with traditional style.

The pattern is collective

Hudson Interior Design

Borscht Peter

my wand

with clothes

Earth tones, classic plaids and tartans, or rich velvet florals make living spaces feel luxurious and comfortable.

McGrath two

Heidi Callier

Jake Arnold

Amber is internal

Have you used earth tone patterns or textiles in your home this season, or are you sticking with plain wood to add brown to your home?


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