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Valentine’s Day Bingo – Studio DIY

Add some fun to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with Valentine Day Bingo! This easy game of bingo is a fun, light-hearted game that’s great for school parties or ‘Galentine’s’ get-togethers. Simply print out this free bingo printable and let the fun begin!

Bingo printed for Valentine's Day on a pink background with heart-shaped candy pieces scattered on top.

Have the kids (or adults…everyone loves bingo!) fill out their bingo card and get a special prize if they win! I like to use the little candy hearts to outline the squares on the card. This way, you can reuse your bingo cards as many times as you want!

Another great option is Valentine’s Day themed stickers to use as tags instead!

Necessary supplies

Here’s what you’ll need to play Valentine’s Day Bingo:

  • Free printable Valentine’s Day bingo
  • Computer paper or cardstock
  • printer
  • scissors
  • Candy Hearts or other small “markers” to mark the board! You can use a pencil or pen, but it’s great to use something easily removable to use these bingo cards over and over again.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

First, print your bingo cards and calling cards. This free printable PDF contains 26 different bingo cards, so print as many as you need. The last two pages of the PDF are calling cards. You should print the last two pages and cut out calling card shapes to use as a draw pile.

Valentine's Day Bingo Card

There are 25 different bingo cards included, so the whole class or party can play! If you have a large crowd, gather in pairs or teams!

Cut-out calling cards for bingo places on a pink background next to heart-shaped jelly beans.

How to play bingo

Cut out the contact cards on the last two pages of the PDF to use as a draw pile.

Give each player a bingo card with candy, Valentine’s Day stickers, or other markers. Candy hearts make this game especially fun!

Place the cut-up calling cards in a bowl. Draw one at a time, showing the players what you drew so they can mark it on their card.

The first person to get 5 Valentine’s Day icons in a row is the winner!

You can hand out prizes like candy, heart lollipops, or heart-shaped cupcakes for conversation!

More ways to use Valentine’s Day bingo cards

Here are some fun ways to use this bingo game!

  • At your Galentine’s Day party: If you’re throwing a Galentine’s Day party this year, this bingo game is the perfect addition to the fun!
  • While watching a Rom-Com movie: See who can be the first to get bingo by spotting the icons during a Valentine’s Day movie night!
  • As a classroom party activity: Never run out of games to play during the annual Valentine’s Day party at school! Kids of all ages will enjoy playing this bingo game!
  • At a small family gathering: This Valentine’s Day, order a heart-shaped pizza and play it around the dinner table! The winner is exempted from washing the dishes.
Two Valentine's Day bingo cards next to pens and gummy candy on a pink background.

Other Valentine’s Day activities you can try

If you love Valentine’s Day bingo, you’ll love these easy DIY activities too! The Valentine’s Day fun never ends!

Use this printable to add some excitement to your February get-togethers and Valentine’s Day parties! Spread the love and have all the fun this Valentine’s Day season!


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