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Valentine Exchange 2024 – The House That Lars Built

If I haven’t expressed my excitement for Valentine’s Day enough, let this post serve as another reminder that we’re hosting a Valentine’s Day craft exchange! O God! What is a Valentine’s Day exchange?! Let me tell you all about it below!

In the midst of the mad holiday rush, I was looking forward to Valentine’s Day, as one does. I was thinking of something we could do as a community to share the love and showcase our crazy skills and think about exchanging a valentine – it would be perfect!

When we first moved here to Utah (about ten years ago now!), I was invited to an in-person Valentine’s Day exchange (funny how you have to spell things out like that these days). I made these heart shaped leather bags and met some of my best friends there. It was a very important event and I loved seeing what everyone did.

Valentine's Day egg

I thought it might be a good idea to engage with the Dear Lars community because if anyone can make a Valentine’s Day, it’s you! But even if you’re not a “maker,” you’re still invited to participate.

Victorian puzzle wallet

This year we are pleased to announce the second annual Lars Valentin Exchange. Last year, we had hundreds of our fellow creatives join us in making handmade Valentines. It was so much fun, we had to do it again. We announced it on Instagram on Thursday (are you following us there?!) and today is the last day to sign up for our form. here.

We also made a beautiful printable Victorian puzzle portfolio to serve as inspiration. The good news is that you can print it and make it yourself (available here).

What is a Valentine’s Day exchange?

A valentine exchange is exactly what it sounds like: you make a handmade valentine, someone else makes a valentine, and you exchange them. Simple enough? Ha!

How will valentines be exchanged?

  1. Firstly, Fill out this form Please indicate your interest in participating by Sunday, January 21st.
  2. W will email you the name and email address of one person to manually send a Valentine to.
  3. You will receive one Valentine in the mail from someone else.
  4. We’ll also send a discount code to our Valentine store in case you want to use any of our templates for that.

What should you do to exchange your valentine?

The big question – what to do! This is really up to you! You can go as big or as simple as you want. The goal here is to share the love! It’s not a competition! Whatever you think you’ll be excited to receive is probably what others want to receive as well.

If you’re still confused, I’ve put together a list of handmade Valentine’s Day cards with some great ideas to help you get going. You can also check our website Valentine’s Day Pinterest board For more inspiration.

Be part of our Valentine's Day exchange

A note about Valentine’s Day

Last week on insta stories I asked about your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions. Many people wrote in saying how much they despise Valentine’s Day because it makes them feel sad and lonely. I totally understand that. It can excite. While I absolutely believe we should talk about it and make space for it, I also want this to be a place where we can all express shared love, independent of romantic love. In fact, I’ve completely separated it from romantic love because I think it should be a day where I say, “Hey, you exist and I love you.” For me, it’s about caring and sharing.

I realize this may not mean the same thing to everyone, but I think this is exactly why we need this!

Share the love

I think it would be really cool to see what people make and where they make it from. Tag any photos or video of the process with your finished card #Lars Valentin exchange So we can all see it happen. I’m so excited to see where everyone is from and what you create!


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