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Use a Family Schedule to Be More Present » Lovely Indeed

Do you ever feel at home feeling out of control and barely keeping your head above water with your family’s schedule? Read about this super easy trick we use to stay present as parents, and learn how it can totally boost your productivity too!

Family schedule to stay present and productive

You know I like to talk about being productive that way no About the grind and the hustle, but in an honest and deliberate way. I wrote a whole course on it!

For me, it’s all about reducing stress so we can live more, and be there for the moments that may pass us by.

But I know as well as anyone else that it is It’s so hard to be productive when you’re a stay-at-home parent. It’s almost impossible to feel like you have time to work or get things done around the house.

So. I wanted to make a small suggestion and solution that works in our home.

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Use a family schedule to be more present at home

I think, a lot of times, when we’re at home taking care of young children, it’s very difficult to get things done because The days are unpredictable. You never know what a child will need.

And you can’t count on a kid magically leaving you alone for an hour so you can answer emails or do your laundry. (Not right away, anyway.)

So this is what we’ll do. Almost every day, we have a rough plan or idea of ​​what we are going to do that day when we are home with our kids.

I’m not talking about a detailed and specific schedule of the type of chart. I’m talking more about time blocks.

(If you need help figuring out what to fill your time with, try this printable daily routine for kids!)

Time blocks your family schedule

There is a blackout for meals, a blackout for getting out of the house, a blackout for playing, a blackout for working, and so on.

Large periods of time are rather generic, so that children can get a general understanding of what to expect during certain hours. (This is one of the reasons why this works very well for toddlers and young children.)

So instead of thinking something like that “8:30 doctor’s appointment, 9:15 grocery store,” Think more along the lines of “8:30-10:00 errands.”

And make sure you Balance that with something for the kids later in the day. A time block in the library, or a time block in the stadium. Or even a play house where the kids get to make the decisions!

then! Here’s the trick. schedule yourself a work block There is, too. It can be short, especially if your children are young or just getting used to the idea.

And “work” can be whatever you want it to be – emails, laundry, cleaning, journaling, actual office work, or just about anything.

But schedule it and tell them ahead of time to expect that maybe they will play independently while you work, or paint, or something similar that they can do in another room or next to you.

Family schedule to stay present and productive

Why do family schedules work?

We’ve found that if kids know what to expect, they’ll be there Much less resistance When you say you need them to give you an hour to get things done.

If your kids love visual cues, having a daily schedule that they can see somewhere, On the fridge or in their room is huge. print this family schedule If you want to try it.

You can even Highlight the temporal blocks with different colors To help them understand what is happening and when. Show them what each section means, and teach them The crucial part they play per time block.

Let them know that they are an important and contributing member of the family, and when they give you this time to work, they are helping the family in many ways.

The trick to staying present with your kids

The best thing about planning your family’s schedule this way is that you can be it fully presentno matter what you do.

If you’re on a set playtime, sit back and show your kids you’re right there, and spend time with them (instead of sneaking into a corner trying to answer an email on your phone). If you’re on a limited work period, your children will eventually learn that your focus will be on work, and they’ll benefit from the independent play they get.

So you’ll be able to fully focus on your tasks and just be present that way, which is great Huge productivity booster.

Download our family schedule sheet

Note – try our house cleaning chart too if you feel like you need some extra organizational help!

Enjoy the benefits of a family schedule

This strategy is really great if you can start when your kids are very young. But you can retrain your older kids to love this too!

Start small, with small blocks of work time if they’re having trouble with independent play. Make sure there is always reward them In the fact that when you make a date together, you are really present and Participate as a parent.

You’ll see them start to do so trust They will get that time from you and will likely allow you to have the time you need during other parts of the day.

what do you think? Doesn’t it look pretty? I think you’d be surprised what your kids can do if you put this into practice. Enjoy! xoxo


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