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Updated Mid-Century Dining Room Tour

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

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Remember when I teased our dining room update late last month? Well, I’m back with today’s reveal, and I’m so excited to share all the details! If you read the introductory post here, you know we absolutely loved our previous antique dining set. The lines were so perfect for mid-century (our favorite design era), and we loved that we were making good use of a beautiful used collection. The big problem? It was too big for our small dining room. Look at it in the photo below.

New artistic theme for dining room |  dreamgreendiy.com +artfulwalls #ad #gifted

New artistic theme for dining room |  dreamgreendiy.com +artfulwalls #ad #gifted

The truth is, the extra-large and tall size of the old furniture probably would have worked if our dining room was tucked into the side of our house’s layout with only one door in and out. Unfortunately for us and our current layout, the main way to get to the bedrooms and bathrooms on the other side of the house is through one door that leads into the dining room and out the other dining room door. In other words, we walked through the dining room dozens and dozens of times a day, which meant we were constantly dodging the high seats of our old mid-century dining chairs. There is a need for change.

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

Follow along here if you missed my mood board and want more explanation of this dining room update, but the main goal was to find a new dining set that had chairs with much lower backs to ease the flow into the back bedrooms. I was also keen to find something in a much lighter wood tone as well. The old set was stained a rich, deep shade of brown, which I think made the small dining room appear smaller than it really was. I wanted to replace the set with something in a light oak color that would match all the framed artwork in the room, and I was also open to looking for a glass table that would completely disappear into the room, helping to make it feel lighter and more spacious overall.

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTableMid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTableMid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

The answer to all these problems? the Oak and glass dining table And a group of four Alta Oak Wood Dining ChairsBoth are articles. I’ve been a regular article shopper for years and years now, and I’ve never been disappointed (click here and skip to the end of the post for links to all my article reviews from the past in case you’re curious). I know it’s not easy to shop for furniture online without being able to see, touch, and sit in the items in person, but Essay Furniture is really solidly designed, and I love taking advantage of the reviews section on their website as well. These help me shop with more confidence, which is why I always make sure to write very comprehensive reviews for you guys here. I want you to go to your king Material ordering process without any doubt.

Quick aside about ordering from the article – I’ve always had a pleasant experience! There are several tiers you can sign up for, such as curbside pickup or white glove service. We went with the latter, and it was worth the upgrade. Our delivery team unboxed the chairs and table, took the trash out for recycling, and even assembled the table for us. I didn’t have to do anything but sit and offer the men cups of water as needed. I was relieved to see that the chairs didn’t require any assembly, so our delivery team only had to assemble the table base and attach the glass table top. The chairs are good right out of the box. there too much Products that come out that way, which I appreciate from a consumer standpoint, but I also believe that fully pre-assembled furniture equals a quality product in the end.

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

Anyway, we absolutely love our new Emmer table and Alta chairs. The glass table is actually about the same dimensions as our old table, but the light wood frame, gently rounded edges, and glass table top all combine to give this table a lightweight look that seems more appropriate for the room. And our new Alta chairs are the perfect height. No more dodging them on the way to bedrooms and bathrooms!

Functionally, the new set is more practical for us (and I should mention, it’s comfortable for dining too), but I’m also very excited about the way the room actually looks. Look now. The light oak table and chair frames are a perfect match to the frames in our art collection, and the light ivory upholstery on the chairs nicely complements our painted kitchen cabinets in the room off this dining space. This update makes the entire left half of our house look more cohesive and intentional. This was actually a happy surprise, something I didn’t plan.

Since I know some of you will be wondering, I wanted to address the maintenance issue of having a glass table. You Do We should keep in mind that the glass needs to be wiped almost every day to get rid of smudges, but we were used to wiping our old wooden table after dinner every night anyway, so this did not require a change in our routine. We bought a streak-free window cleaner and kept that and the microfiber towel in the dining room that you see there in the back of the room. We reuse the towel throughout the week, and freshen it in the washing machine at the end of each week. It is also helpful to use placemats during every meal. We keep these inside the cage drawers and pull them out to place plates/plates at each meal to keep the table as clean as possible. Overall, maintenance was not bothersome at all.

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTableMid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

What do you think of the new look? Like I said, we loved our vintage furniture so much, but sometimes a room just needs a modern set to function better in everyday life. We had a lot of specific needs on our wish list, and this new dining set ticks all the boxes. It feels good to finally have this room finished. Let me know your thoughts on the new design in the comments, and also feel free to ask any questions about the collection in case you need more information about comfort and the ordering process. I’m an open book, as always.

Mid-Century Contemporary Retro Dining Room Tour |  dreamgreendiy.com + @article (advertisement/gift) #ourArticle #AltaChair #EmmerTable

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