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Uncommon 3 Letter Baby Names

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Your new little one is so unique, why not have a name to match him? Uncommon short baby names are a great opportunity to give your child a name that is fun and creative but also stands out from the crowd. Three-letter names can be an abbreviated version of the name of a beloved family member or the name of a dear friend. Or it can be considered if you are just looking for one that is easy to pronounce, remember and write.

All of these three-letter names are great as first names but can also be used as middle names. Either way, they’re cute and cute, so there’s no need for a nickname because they’re as easy and fun as they come!

These short baby names include the entire alphabet, so there’s sure to be a name on one of these lists that matches your baby’s sibling or whatever you’re thinking of for your new addition to the family!

Baby names consisting of 3 letters: AJ

Many of these three-letter names are classic darlings like Art, Bea, and Eva, but there are also modern favorites like Cia, Jax, and Jet. They are short and cute but still have a lot of unique qualities to them!

List of boy names consisting of 3 letters from AJ
  • Ada
  • As for
  • art
  • Pia
  • bee
  • pix
  • cal
  • Kaz
  • central Intelligence Agency
  • Dax
  • a point
  • Drew
  • whatever
  • Amy
  • era
  • Eve
  • Via
  • Geo
  • Gus
  • Hal
  • Ike
  • Ira
  • Evo
  • Jay
  • Jax
  • Jet

3 Letter Baby Name Ideas: KZ

These names are inspired by old family classics as well as nature. They are creative and simple yet full of personality and meaning. Three letter baby names give a sense of adventure and uniqueness and are unlikely to be heard on the school playground!

List of children's names of 3 letters
  • Kay
  • Cape
  • Leo
  • fiber
  • fiber
  • mac
  • Mia
  • Nan
  • neo
  • Noah
  • oak
  • Oka
  • aura
  • anserine
  • Beam
  • Ring
  • rex
  • Rio
  • street
  • Ria
  • sol
  • Fresh
  • Theo
  • Ugo
  • Uri
  • omen
  • viv
  • deyaa

More ideas for short baby names

Think of an uncommon baby name as a first name or as a middle name that’s easy to pair with a longer first name. These three letter names are short, sweet, and not at all mainstream!


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