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Two Ways To Style A Bed Blanket

Two ways to design a bed blanket

*This post was published thanks to the generous support of Muslin comfortThe product is gifted for testing purposes. . All opinions are my own

There are certain parts of decorating that I feel confident doing, things like designing shelves, mixing colors, and sourcing furniture. But there are a lot of things that feel right bad In – one of them is the design of bed linen. Coming up with a creative ‘bedscape’ doesn’t come naturally to me! I’m so envious of designers who can create such an amazing bedding collection, with all the right pillows, perfect patterns, and luxurious layers. When I do this, the result looks messy, so I often stick to the simplest combinations possible.

I’m a very stubborn person, so this situation is not something I want to accept. I really want to keep experimenting and going the “easy” route when it comes to bed design, and today’s post is my continued attempt to evolve. The focus of today’s story? End of bed blankets.

Two ways to design a bed blanket

Two ways to design a bed blanket

I really like using a bed blanket at the end of the mattress both functionally and aesthetically. Functionally, it’s so nice to be able to pull up a nice heavy blanket on really cold nights for an extra layer of warmth. Aesthetically, I think the blanket helps give the bed some presence and character.

I’ve been doing this styling trick for years and years, but this is the first time I’ve tried to get a real toned look. I really like the matching shades of earthy gray here between the end of the bed blanket and the everyday linen comforter. The color palette between the two doesn’t overpower the room (that classic wallpaper should be the star of the show, after all!), and gives it a kind of “hotel-inspired” elegance, I think.

Two ways to design a bed blanket

But let’s talk a little more about that bed blanket. We just added “Blanket 365” from Muslin Comfort to our collection (in earthy grey), and I love the luxurious feel it brings to our space. It’s been a lot cooler after dark here in Virginia lately, so having this breathable, temperature-regulating blanket to pull out in the middle of cold nights was a very welcome addition.

If you scroll back and forth between all the images in today’s post, you may notice that I tried a couple of different styling approaches. This blanket is oversized. First, I layered the blanket at the end of the bed in an organic, gathered style. It’s really easy to maintain this method throughout the day because it is supposed To look a bit annoyed and messy. Our pets love to lie on our bed all day, and their paws often mess with the bedding. However, the collected look of our End of Bed Blanket can hold up well to day and night naps and wrestling sessions.

Two ways to design a bed blanket

Next, I experimented with the folded blanket in a more elegant and modern style, as you can see in the photo above. I folded it into equal quarters at the end of the bed, which is Do It feels a little firmer, and also makes it a lot easier to pull the blanket up in the middle of cold nights. Although this appearance is more likely to be disturbed by pet claws, The muslin blanket itself So thick that it doesn’t budge much throughout the day, unlike some lightweight bed blankets I’ve used in the past.

Two ways to design a bed blanketTwo ways to design a bed blanket

What is your favorite method? I personally love the combination, but the elegant pleats option satisfies my desire for order amidst all the craziness that life has to offer! This blanket is made of 100% muslin cotton. It actually works as a full duvet replacement too, so I’m excited to try this look next – spreading it all the way across the bed as a topper, that is. If you want to try this type of bed design, use my code “CARRIE10” to save 10% for yourself. Eco-friendly muslin comfort to request!

Two ways to design a bed blanket

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