Try Dopamine Gardening for a Feel-Good, Joyful Garden


Are you a victim of the suburban garden? A carpet of trimmed green grass, perfectly trimmed shrubs, and not a dandelion in sight? It’s time to take our gardens back into our own hands! Here’s how you can embrace dopamine gardening and turn your garden back into a blissful place.

Flower Garden with Lavender for Dopamine Gardening

I’m not generally fond of trends, but dopamine gardening is one I can get behind because it’s all about not following trends! I want more and more gardeners to try it for themselves.

Gardens can be very personal places, reflecting the personality of the gardener who takes care of them. If you look at my garden compared to the house next door, it looks completely different.

In dopamine gardening, you plant what makes you happy and create a space that uniquely reflects you.

so! Here’s how you can let the dopamine garden lead you through your backyard design.

This post will cover…

Red Zinnia Flowers for Dopamine Gardening
Zinnia flowers are easy-to-grow flowers from seed to fill your garden with color.

What is dopamine gardening?

Dopamine gardening stems from the dopamine decorating trend. in dopamine decoration, You ignore trends and instead decorate your home with items that make you happy. The space often becomes colorful and reflects many elements of your personality.

Same thing with dopamine gardening! In the Dopamine Garden, you’re filling it with plants and decorations that make you feel good. It ignores the idea that you need freshly cut grass or perfectly trimmed shrubs to please the neighbors.

Why not create a haven of wildflowers in your front yard instead? Or grow mountains of vegetables? Maybe you’ll like the idea of ​​a rock garden instead. You can create a garden by filling it with anything you like.

I know it can be hard to ignore the societal norms of what a yard is expected to look like, but when you do, you create a space for yourself that you want to spend more time in.

Kale and Herbs in the Sky
Off-the-beaten-path plants like kale can be the focal point if you’d like!

gardening for mental health

It’s funny we call it dopamine gardening because it’s not lying at all. it’s scientifically proven Being outside and in a garden can be a huge boost to our mental health.

Those of you who know my story know that I was severely disabled overnight. Suddenly I could hardly get out of bed and had to stop working. Within a few days my world completely changed.

The thing that really saved me was the garden. I started with just five minutes a day, and it slowly re-energised my body and mind once again. To this day, just five minutes outside on my patio can keep me from feeling blue.

Horticultural therapy is a form of therapy practice that uses gardening and plant-based activities to promote mental health. Studies have shown that people who engage in horticultural therapy Decrease the severity of depression.

It’s also incredibly helpful for people with anxiety – the more greenery we have in our lives, the less depression, stress and anxiety we have.

Stephanie in her Dopamine Garden
Garden Therapy started as a way for me to share my journey and connect with other gardeners.

Types of Dopamine Gardens

When I was selling my house, the realtor told me that I wanted to clean up my garden to make it more attractive to potential buyers. He didn’t like that I left piles of mulch and leaf debris in my yard.

My garden was a curated, wild place. I intentionally leave the leaves behind to nourish the soil and help local wildlife as they naturally do. So I told him no!

People will say that you want to blend in or make sure that your home and its yard maintain their resale value. While it’s good to take care of your future, if you only think about what others want, you may end up renting a place.

I mean look how happy my garden looks!

Privacy Screen Trellis at Dopamine Garden
My privacy screen became a prominent feature in the garden.

If you want some inspiration, there are many different types of gardens out there that focus on what feels good in your space. Here are some garden design ideas to get the juices flowing.

sanctuary garden

Sanctuary gardens embrace this idea Gardens are therapeutic places. They are places where the moment you step into it, you feel like you have gone somewhere else. This is the place for you to relax and get some refreshment.

Learn how I turned a corner of my garden into a special place just for myself in my guide to sanctuary gardens.

Dopamine gardening sanctuary space with bench and plants in corner of wooden fence
Even a small sanctuary is all you need in a corner of the garden.

circle in garden design

Did you know that circles innately inspire joy? Think hula hoops, ferris wheels, bouncy balls or balloons. It also translates to garden; From the shape of alliums to herb spirals, there are many ways you can incorporate circular designs into your gardening space.

Get more ideas on how to add circles to your garden in this design guide.

Pathway surrounded by plants and trees leading to Chandra Dwar
Moon gates are one of the best ways to add a rounded shape to the outdoors.

meditation garden

Mediation gardens are places specifically designed for meditation. If you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed, taking a few moments a day to meditate can help clear your mind.

Meditating outside gives you double benefits, Thanks for all the mental health benefits of being outside.

See this post for ideas on what plants and objects should fill a meditation garden.

Japanese garden with lots of greenery, small pond and white calla lilies
Japanese inspired gardens are wonderful places to encourage meditation.

moon garden

Moon Gardens are magical places. They are designed to be enjoyed at night, Full of white and light colored flowers that either open only at night or reflect the moonlight well. The results are mysterious yet serene spaces that are wonderful for all night revelers and entertainers.

Here’s how you can create a moon garden on your patio.

adorable dopamine garden decor ideas

Beyond Plants and Design, You Can Add some garden decorations and art To incorporate some of your personality into your space. Here are some of my favorite DIY projects and some decor items that I personally love.

DIY Projects


white macrame hammock chair with green cushions in the backyard
My rocking chair is a favorite spot for the kiddos and me to use.

Remember, when it comes to dopamine gardening, You are just making space for yourself. Take some inspiration from this post, turn it on its head, and turn your garden into your new favorite spot. have fun!

Try these garden decor ideas!


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