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Transition Decor From Summer To Fall

I always feel summer exhausted by the end of August. I’m done with the heat. I’m done with all the watering. And I finished air conditioning. I want to open my window and feel this delicious rush of fresh, cool fall air.

Even if the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet, we can still bring the feeling of fall into our homes in a few easy ways. Today’s article is about how to transform your decor from summer to fall.

When is fall decor put out?

I think the end of August and the beginning of September is fair game. Most of the kids have started school, pre-season football is on our TVs, and the grocery store is selling Halloween candy.

We all think about it anyway, so why not?

Decoration hints prints

Summer to fall touches

Here are a few simple touches I set to get myself going full speed into Halloween.

Hang a fall wreath

This is one of the first things I do! I love hanging a festive fall wreath on our front door. Amazon Full of them, I picked this up a few days ago.

Close-up of a fall wreath

It required quite a bit of fluffing out of the box, but it was worth it. Last year, it was my wreath This golden pampas With a beautiful orange ribbon. You are not just limited to the front doors. Wreaths look beautiful hanging on hooks inside and on mirrors.

Fall wreath hanging on the door
Transitional decor from summer to fall

Switch your prosthetic legs

Fall stems from the target - hearth and hand

I have a number of vases around the house with summer grasses, white flowers, and the like. Time to switch it up!

Transitional decor from summer to fall

Bring in the scents of fall

I like to pick up a fresh fall scent or two. Target and Marshalls are my favorites for inexpensive fall candles in pretty amber-colored jars. But I’m also switching up my Pura for fall’s latest offering of fragrances.

Bora Autumn Scents - How to transition your decor from summer to fall
Pure fall scents
Transitional decor from summer to fall

Fill a bowl with the fall fillings

This is one of the easiest ways to drive fall crazy. Take a pretty bowl and fill it with things that remind you of the season. I love pine cones, artificial artichokes, dried leaves, and baby pumpkins.

Transitional decor from summer to fall

Bring out the comfy textiles

My husband laughs because I pull out these cozy blankets when it’s still 95 degrees out here but if it brings warmth to your spaces, I’m here for it. Cozy throw blankets wrapped on the arm of a sofa, chair or pillow in fall color can add plenty of warmth and beautiful texture.

Transitional decor from summer to fall

Add to fall art

Autumn frame tv art

I have a few more art frames that I like to update for the seasons. these Brown leaf prints Take me to fall so I can switch it up for Halloween and Christmas. You can also add some seasonal TV artwork. paying off art store For the latest fall offerings.


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