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Top 7 Organizing Challenges that’ll Finally Whip Your Home Into Shape 

With a new year comes the promise of fresh starts and, for many, the desire for a clean and de-cluttered home A 2012 study UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families found that excess clutter has a profound effect on the stress levels of family members, especially mothers who often describe their cluttered homes as “messy” and “not fun.”

Declutter time

Those with years or a lifetime’s worth of clutter, extra clothing, or children’s toys may feel too overwhelmed to begin the decluttering process. Fortunately, these ten organizational challenges offer a simple way to tackle the home organization.

1. Cancel 100 Things in 100 Days (Easiest)

Should be considered by those looking for a simple organizing challenge Closing 100 things in 100 days. As the challenge title suggests, find at least one item to get rid of each day until you’ve collected a total of 100 items.

It’s crucial to deal with the things you’re getting rid of immediately — toss unnecessary items in the trash and have a donation box for the rest. When the donation box is full, drop it off at the nearest thrift store.

2. Live Like a Minimalist Challenge (Hardest)

If you’re an extremist, try living like a minimalist for a month. While this challenge is more work, it’s a true test of what you can—and can’t—do.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a room (like the kitchen, for example)
  • Take a few large containers and add all duplicate items and unnecessary items to the containers (eg: extra wooden spoons, knickknacks, decorations, duplicate frying pans, spatulas, oven mitts, enough plates/cups for each family member, etc.)
  • Keep only essentials.

If you need an item during the month, take it out of the box, but put everything else away. At the end of the thirty days, you can decide whether it’s worth keeping these extra items.

3. Backward Clothes Hanger Clothes Decluttering Challenge

Turn all the clothes hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang the garment so that it faces correctly. After 30 days, remove all clothing items from a rear hanger

4. Speed ​​Declutter in the Seven Days Challenge

Make the most progress in a short period of time by taking a week off from work or doing a few hours a day for seven days. Choose the seven most used rooms in your home and close one each day.

Work methodically. Start with a large garbage bag and go through the room removing all the trash and broken items. Then, grab a donation box and start filling it with items you no longer use, need or love. When full, drop off the box at the nearest donation center.

5. Join a Reddit declutter challenge for accountability

Join the subreddit r/declutter For monthly decluttering challenges, find accountability and share progress. At the beginning of each month, members post new challenges that you can join.

6. Clear Kitchen Counter Challenge

Surface clutter makes most homes look cluttered. By cleaning your kitchen counters, you will increase your productivity and the appearance of your kitchen, which is probably the most used room in your home.

Here’s what to do: Keep everything on your kitchen countertop away from the small appliances you use every day, like the coffee maker or toaster. Thirty days later, reassess.

7. Consolidation Challenges

If you’ve ever looked for something in your home, couldn’t find it, and had to buy extra, the Consolidation Challenge is for you. The goal is to combine like items. For example, instead of scattering hair products throughout the room, keep them in one bathroom so you know where to look. Do the same for all items including batteries, wall-hanging supplies, flashlights, candles or lighters, lightbulbs, tools, nail clippers, etc.


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