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Tiny Love Stories: ‘Now That We’re Married, What’s Your Name?’

Alone on my postage stamp porch, I wear Chanel No. 5 and wait, a glass of ruby ​​Beaujolais in hand. A plate full of cold green grapes and thick chunks of fontina is placed beside me. A soft sea breeze caresses my cheek, with the scent of clear salt water. I take a sip I wait. I see. The azure blue fades to a delicate gold, followed by a blushing pink horizon. A year ago, I again insisted on a divorce. Now, I enjoy beautiful summer sunsets. Alone, whole, at peace. , Wendy Maldonado D’Amico

In July 2000, San Diego Pride held a mass commitment ceremony for several dozen same-sex couples. Single, I attended to see all the love. The minister said, “Please turn to your partner and repeat these vows.” Suddenly, I turned to the handsome stranger next to me. “You want to do this?” I asked he said yes. We held each other’s hands and repeated our vows. The last one was: “I promise to support you to the highest of my ability.” Afterward, we kissed and Allie asked: “Now that we’re married, what’s your name?” It’s now been 23 amazing years of delivering on our promise. , Joseph Bennett

When we were first married in 1978, young and insecure, I told my husband during an argument, “You should only marry me because I’m convenient.” She looked at me – with patience, love and a slight smile – and said, “Honey, you’re not that comfortable.” , Donna Rochester

When my mom started chemotherapy, I vowed we’d watch every movie ever made. We tried for a while. Really tried. But she got so sick that she needed to spend the first night. sleep day. simple holiday He traded film for YouTube videos of the Philippines – just a man with a camera, walking through his village, pecking mangoes in the market. We saw congestion in Baguio and Cebu City. Heard the rumble of his house. Something inside her knew that she would not return. But I sat down with him full of hope and whispered, “I will take you there. I will.” – Ashley Jeffalone


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