This year’s harvest of 💛 Organic turmeric


Yellow is in season!

At Foodcraft we use organic turmeric from PermaClub to make our organic fresh raw turmeric drink mix which is harvested once a year. To be precise, now they are harvesting turmeric and we are looking forward to making our new batch very soon.

We wanted to show you what turmeric will look like this year and also share the fun fact that turmeric is not only a healing plant for us, but also plays an important role in soil care at PermaClub.

If you’re interested, you can be part of the PermaClub community and experience the changing harvest every season. Here are some turmeric reports from Pamela of the PermaClub who brings that nature-to-table connection back to their beautiful farm in Clearwater Bay.
PermaClub harvested organic turmeric
This is how turmeric heals the soil
We 💚 Turmeric is very much for many reasons.
Not only does it have amazing nutritional and healing properties that we all know, but turmeric is a natural method of earth bending.

In Hong Kong we often deal with hard clay-like soils that make it difficult to plow and grow our favorite plants. Since turmeric grows below the soil surface, starting from small clumps and eventually growing into large clumps from which fingers are plucked, this crop does an amazing job of naturally turning the soil and keeping it aerated and fluffy.

After harvesting our turmeric we use that part of the land to grow another crop and this usually increases our success rate.

Organic Turmeric Plant at PermaClub

This is what the yellow patch looks like now at PermaClub. Yellow trees will be beautiful and tall and green.
Yellow flowers at permaclub

It then produces a beautiful multicolored flower which eventually dries up along with the green leaves. When the leaves turn completely brown, this usually indicates that the yellows below are fully mature.
Turmeric crop at Permaclub

At PermaClub, they do garden tours and workshops on Sundays. You are welcome to collect any surplus for personal use.
Permaclub entrance


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