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This Martha Stewart Organizer is the Antidote to Messy Drawers

Hidden from the eyes is hidden from the mind. This old adage holds true for many things, including cabinets and drawers. When you can’t see a mess, there’s no compelling urge to do anything about it—unless you’re trying to find your favorite tweezers or your misplaced postage stamps.

If you’re ready to transform your drawers, we’ll show you how and share our favorite high-quality drawer organizers.

Martha Stewart Wooden Desk Drawer Organizer: The Key to Aesthetically Pleasing Drawer Organization

Martha Stewart Organizer

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The Martha Stewart Organizer Looks good, and it’s one of our favorites for its six-piece, interchangeable design. The organizer measures 15″ long, 13″ wide and 2″ tall when folded together. However, you can rearrange the tray to fit your space.

We love this organizer for bathroom organization, desk organization, and even kitchen drawers. The compartments are handy for keeping like-items together, and since they vary in size, you can use them for beauty, work or kitchen tools.

How to organize your drawers

Martha Stewart Organizer
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You don’t have to use a specific product to organize your drawers.

Instead, follow these steps.

Step 1: Take everything out of drawers and declutters

Take everything out of your drawers and place it on a counter, table or other flat surface. Immediately find items that don’t belong in the drawer and return them to their proper homes. Next, declutter by removing all trash, broken items, and things you no longer need or want.

Step 2: Group like items

On your flat surface, organize all like-items together. For example, if you are cleaning out a kitchen drawer, put all the measuring cups together, put all the wooden spoons together, put all the skewers together, etc. If you’re organizing a work drawer, keep pens together, paper clips together, staples together, etc.

By grouping items before putting them in drawers, you can better see what will fit in your drawer organizer or what containers you can use.

Step 3: Break the drawer into zones

Now, divide your drawer into zones. Each like-item should have its own zone so that it does not interfere with the rest of the items, creating a chaotic mess. We love drawer organizers for this, but if you’re trying to organize on a budget, use old Tupperware containers or boxes.

Step 4: Place the items in the drawer

Place items in the areas you created. Keep your drawers organized by keeping only items that have one zone and keep the space clear of excess clutter and junk.


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