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The House That Lars Built for Blue Sky planners at Staples!

Well, it’s been a great ride with all our product launches this year – thanks for coming with us! Our latest and greatest, if I do say so myself, are planners and calendars! We have partnered with the sky is blue Planners on this one are available now at Commodity stores Across the country!

Planners and calendars with Blue Sky

We’ve actually been working on this project for two or even three years, so I’m very relieved to see it come to light. Getting our products to some major retailers has been a dream of mine, and I’m thrilled that you can head over and pick up a variety of planners in all shapes, sizes, and needs starting at $6.99. Isn’t this crazy?! There are wall calendars, calendar inserts for folders, desk pads, spiral desk planners, and pocket calendars.


The set contains a variety of flowers, color blocks, waves, lines and floral checkerboards. There is, of course, a Scandinavian folk quality in many of the flowers, some of the bolder graphics, some of which are slightly modified. We wanted to design something for everyone.

Interior designs

We’ve also designed the interiors of the charts featuring our own fonts and lots of fun borders, frames and waves. My favorite part is at the beginning of each chart. I wanted to do something that would fuel the creative power we all have, so there is a section for vision for the year, resolutions, skills you want to develop, and places to put how you want to stay creative this year. There’s also a QR code for each month that leads you to some specific projects we recommend for each month.

I like it to be clean and fresh, but also directional. You can greatly meet your needs!

Blue Sky at Staples

While we are on a mission to encourage people to make things with their hands, we realize that there are a number of you who don’t want to make anything but still want some Lars in their lives and that’s what we’re trying to do with all these partnerships. This is precisely why I’m so happy to partner with excellent companies like Blue Sky who do what they do well, which means we can do what we do well, and you can bring something colorful and whimsical into your home at such a great price.

I have to talk about this moment here. This was a busy day. I was planning a Valentine’s Day party and the shoot was in the morning. Felix loves to be involved in everything and it is shown during this scene in this paper that he wants to be hugged. No one ever denied the embrace which she gladly accepted. Ha! When you see my kids at photo shoots it’s because I can’t get them out of the room. Hahahahaha.

anyway! Our planners are now available at Staples nationwide. I would call them first to make sure they are stored there before making the trip. I know my local store said they didn’t have them yet.

I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks with our planners soon!


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