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The Dangerous Marketing of the Trump Mug Shot

Furthermore, he added, “The US Copyright Act excludes from protection any work created by the federal government, but not by state or local governments, so technically the state of Georgia owns the photo, which is fair use.” subject to the limits of In any case, no worries have stopped anyone.

The Trump campaign has performed exceedingly well, as you might expect from a man whose greatest product has always been himself, and whose view of the world often seems to involve monetizing all things.

Buying any product from a candidate’s store amounts to money directly into their campaign bank account, as any such purchase is actually a donation under federal law; The commodity is the premium that you get in return. On August 26, Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, posted on x Since the mug shot was taken, the campaign has earned $7.1 million, with “$4.18 million yesterday (Friday) alone, the highest-grossing day of the entire campaign.”

It’s the same story with the Lincoln Project, where Rick Wilson, a co-founder, said that the shot glass (one of 10 potential mug shot-related products tested by the creative team) was the fastest the organization has created since 2020. It was a product for sale. .All proceeds, he said, will be spent on his media campaign to raise awareness of the “threat to the republic” he believes Mr. Trump represents.

Mr. Wilson said, “It’s a way to capture a moment like this that takes Trump’s notoriety and infamy back on himself.” To put that notoriety to a different end, Green Day tea is being sold to benefit Greater Good Music, a charity helping victims of the Maui wildfires.

They and everyone involved, including Etsy and Reddit sellers — who are simply profiting from cultural sensationalism — understand that, increasingly, our politics aren’t real until they’re advertised. Or maybe they are too realistic, until they are brought down to the digestible level of advertising.


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