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The Cutest Kids Halloween Pajamas

A set of children's Halloween pajamas

Halloween season is around the corner! Or it has already arrived if you live in my house. You’re probably familiar with our family’s Halloween pajama walk traditions, and our infamous Halloween neighborhood scavenger hunt to go along with, but now I’m here to share my kids’ favorite Halloween pajamas to wear to all the festivities! And quickly, before they run out!

In addition to Halloween pajamas for everyone from infants to toddlers to teens, we also have some family-friendly options. Maybe this is a holiday tradition you’d like to repeat this Halloween too!?

Kid in skeleton pajamas for Halloween and dad in a Jack-o-Lantern shirt

My top tip for buying Halloween pajamas

When purchasing any children’s holiday pajamas, ALWAYS go up a size! I buy in the least One size larger, but sometimes two sizes so I can get away with it for three years.

Even though we’re extending the Halloween season to two months here, and we honestly wear Halloween pajamas year-round, it’s nice to get multiple seasons in a pair. Especially if it’s super cute like everything pictured below!

Pumpkin pajamas

Pumpkin pajamas collage

You can never go wrong with classic pumpkin motifs, from oversized lantern faces to pumpkin patterns in all of your kids’ Halloween pajamas!

  1. Pink pumpkin pajamas
  2. Pumpkin pajamas and a jack-o-lantern
  3. rainbow pumpkin pajamas
  4. Pumpkin truck pajamas
  5. Jack-o-lantern button-down pajamas
  6. Pumpkin organic baby pajamas

Halloween pajamas for cats and critters

Halloween pajama collage

Life-size skeletal pajamas are always a hit, but so are everyone’s favorite critters in spooky skeletal form for Halloween!

  1. White skeleton and ghost pajamas
  2. Black and white Halloween pajamas
  3. Halloween pajamas in the shape of a pink cat
  4. Snoopy’s Jack-o-Lantern pajamas
  5. Purple cat pajamas

Disney Halloween pajamas

A set of Disney Halloween pajamas

If you’re a loving Disney family, they always go out of their way to celebrate Halloween, including these kids’ Halloween pajamas! Mickey, Minnie, Jack Skellington and other favorite characters The nightmare before christmas It must appear.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Pajamas
  2. Star Wars Halloween pajamas
  3. Mickey and Minnie lollipop pajamas
  4. Pajama zero for children

Ghost pajamas

A collage of ghost pajamas

If orange isn’t your thing, how about ghost pajamas for your little ones? Or maybe monsters and mummies? The striped bat pajamas are also very cute…

  1. rainbow ghost pajamas
  2. white “boo!” Ghost pajamas
  3. Glow in dark pink ghost pajamas
  4. Black and white ghost pajamas

Sleepwear and trick-or-treating

A collage of Halloween pajamas

Dressing up for Halloween and trick-or-treating is the best part of October 31st, but for those moments when you really just can’t do it, how about commemorating everyone’s favorite tradition with these kids’ Halloween pajamas!?

  1. Paper gun company trick or treat pajamas
  2. Glow in the dark skeleton pajamas
  3. Trick or treat pajama bucket
  4. Trek or treat town pajama set

Fun family activity for Halloween

Our family’s favorite Halloween tradition is to do a Halloween scavenger hunt in the neighborhood, all in our pajamas! You can get your free printable scavenger hunt here!

A free printable neighborhood Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I’ve searched far and wide and these are the best kids’ Halloween pajamas I’ve come across, in my humble opinion. There’s nothing more fun than getting in the Halloween spirit at home and kicking off the season with a fresh pair of festive pajamas! What is your favorite?


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