The Best Family Disney Costume Ideas


A collection of Disney family Halloween costumes

If you want to dress up as Disney for Halloween, you can make your own costume with a few simple items and a little creativity. Disney family Halloween costumes are fun, easy and recognizable. You can find inspiration from your favorite movies, shows, or characters. Whether you’re going alone, with a partner, or need a Disney family costume for three, there’s a Disney family costume for everyone.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for Disney family costume ideas you can make at home. You can use things you already have in your closet or get some supplies from a craft store. These Disney family costumes are perfect for transforming yourself into a Disney character this Halloween!

Mickey Minnie Mouse family costume

DIY Disney Family Costume - Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Dress as Mickey Mouse and friends, classic Disney characters; You can make your own costume with a few simple items and a little creativity.

Image source and inspiration: DIY studio

Cinderella family costume

DIY Cinderella family costume

You can make your own family Cinderella costume using some easy and affordable items that you can use again. You may already have some of these items in your closet, or you can pick them up at a craft store. This costume is simple and quick to make and will look great on Halloween.

Image source and inspiration: DIY studio

DIY Shock and Barrel Lock Fashion

Fashion Barrel Shock Lock Nightmare Before Christmas

If you loved the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, you might want to dress up as Lock, Shock and Barrel for Halloween. Sneaky kids in a beloved Halloween movie are a fun idea for a costume for three, or turn it into a costume for four by adding an Oogie Boogie! (We’ve got more Nightmare Before Christmas ideas below, too!)

Image source and inspiration DIY studio

Pinocchio family themed costume

Pinocchio family costume

This Pinocchio Halloween costume is so adorable and inspiration for Disney costumes isn’t the case so often! It’s very easy to make costumes for Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy, Figaro the Cat, Little Pinocchio and Geppetto.

Image source and inspiration: Beautiful mess

Wreck it-Ralph Halloween costumes

Destroyed by Ralph

If you love the Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph, these costumes are perfect for you and your family! Each family member can have their own personality with these unique characters and almost every piece can be worn again as part of your regular wardrobe!

Image source and inspiration: Really beautiful

Jolly Halloween

Mary Poppins family on Halloween

Mary Poppins and her friends are famous Disney characters. You can make your own costumes and there’s nothing cuter than a baby (or puppy) dressed as a penguin!

Image source and inspiration: Elegant girls wear pearls

Fashion from the inside out

Fashion from the inside out

Do you like the movie Inside Out? If you do, you and your family may want to dress up to celebrate Halloween. You can make your own costumes from colorful wigs and some clothes from your closet!

Image source and inspiration: Color me Courtney

Family halloween costume ideas

IHOD Star Wars Family Costume

With so many movies, shows, and characters in the Star Wars universe, the family costume options are endless! Find original characters, newer ones or bring the entire extended family together and cover the entire series!

Image source and inspiration: In honor of the design

Finding Nemo Family Costume

Finding Nemo costume

This is a fun new twist on the Finding Nemo costume, especially for a family of three! Dentist, Darla and Nemo! Do you have more family members who want to wear the costume? Turn them into other fish from the aquarium!

Image source and inspiration: Nanny

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

snow white

You can dazzle everyone with this fun Snow White and the Seven Dwarves costume! All the costumes are easy to make and look amazing together.

Image source and inspiration: In honor of the design

the little Mermaid

the little Mermaid

Enjoy Disney Little Mermaid costumes with your family. There are many characters to choose from, and you can make your own costumes with some creativity.

Image source and inspiration: It almost makes perfect

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc.

Make your Halloween family costume more colorful and fun with Monsters Inc. Special costumes! You can dress up as your favorite characters from the Pixar movie, like Sulley, Mike, Boo or Randall. These costumes are easy to make and will make you stand out from the crowd with their bright shades of green, blue, purple and pink.

Image source and inspiration: @genetic

The sword in the stone


This Disney family of three costume is inspired by The Sword in the Stone. Certainly more unexpected than your typical Disney Princess movie costume, dress up as the main characters from the movie, like Merlin, Arthur and Archimedes.

Image source and inspiration @cocyt_cocyt

Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Disney’s classic and unforgettable films. These costumes are simple, affordable and innovative. You can pair it with the ever-popular Jack Skellington, Sally or Zero and of course the fun trio of Lock, Shock & Barrel too!. You can use black and white clothes, makeup, fabric, and glue to create your own costumes, or you can buy them online or in stores.

Image source and inspiration: Image 1 by @shukuduk 1 And image 2 by @jessmakesmagic

Dabur dances

Dabur dances

These cute baby shop costumes look just like the famous Dapper Dans at Disneyland! What show stoppers. Striped costumes stand out and are great for families of four. Make your outfits more elegant and original by adding some accessories such as a tie, a stick or a microphone.

Image source and inspiration My cakes

Disneyland Castle Family Costume

Disney theme

This Disney-inspired castle family costume is a winner! They’re fun, easy to make, and will make you feel like royalty. You can use cardboard boxes, paint and accessories to create your own magic castle. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, a themed event, or just want to have some fun, this castle family costume is sure to impress.

Image source and inspiration: @jessmakesmagic

He thinks of Hercules

Chorus of Hercules

Whether you’re a family of sisters or a group of friends, the Muses of Hercules make a great costume choice. The theme is white, and you can be versatile with the outfits. You can buy something new or wear something white from your closet.

Image source and inspiration Color me Courtney

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland.

“Alice in Wonderland” is a fun and creative Disney family costume idea. You can choose from many different characters, such as Alice, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and more. You can also use some props like a tea set, pocket watch, or flamingo mallet to complete your look.

Image source and inspiration Nourish through movement

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

If you’re looking for a Disney Princess family costume, Sleeping Beauty is a great choice. You can dress up as the beautiful Princess Aurora, the charming Prince Phillip, the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, or the evil fairy Maleficent. There are many colorful characters to choose from.

Image source and inspiration: With flash

It’s a small world

The happiest cruise I've ever sailed.

Celebrate the magic of classic attractions; You can be the happiest cruise you’ve ever sailed on Halloween. Dress up as characters from “It’s a Small World,” the popular ride featuring hundreds of dolls from different countries singing a catchy song about world peace. This is a fun and creative way to show your love of Disney and its history.

Image source and inspiration @make. Believers. magic

Family uniform

Family with dog wearing Up themed costumes

Up has to be one of Pixar’s sweetest stories. Whether it’s you, your partner, a dog, or a kid (or a few kids!), Up is a fun theme for Disney family costumes. One person can be that famous house being lifted by balloons, and others can be their favorite character: Russell, Carl, Kevin, Ellie, Doug and more!

Image source and inspiration by Kiko Lin

A collection of Disney family costumes

Disney family costumes are a great way to celebrate Halloween with your loved ones. You can express your personality and creativity in these costumes, and spend an unforgettable time together like characters from your favorite movie or Disney park!

You can use a few simple items and a little imagination to create your own costumes, or you can find some ready-made ones online or in stores. Either way, you will enjoy these costumes and they will make your Halloween even more special and magical.


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