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The 12 Best White Paint Colors (According To Experts)

Tips for Testing White Paint Colors

It’s best to test a new color before painting the entire room (or house!). No expert recommendations can guarantee that a specific white paint color will look good in your space depending on your lighting and your preferences. Here’s how we recommend you test any paint:

Collect lots of samples from the paint store. Collect more samples than just the 12 colors listed here. Bring home options that are darker, lighter, browner, yellower than you, etc. Thinking you require. This will give you more tones to compare and ultimately choose your favorite.

Order removable sticker samples, Once you’ve narrowed down your options, use a site like Sample Large pre-painted samples to order. The cost is comparable to mixing sample-sized paint, but removable stickers save you from making a mess. We’ve linked each color in this list below. You can get most of them (plus a few extras) by ordering warm white Or cool white bundle,

View samples on different walls, in different lighting scenarios. Take your time with your samples. Look at them in the morning, afternoon, evening and under artificial light to evaluate brightness and light tone. Also try them on different walls in a room. These can also be stuck on cabinets, trim, or other surfaces you want to paint.

If this isn’t enough to choose the final color, you can paint a larger sample directly on your wall, but we guess you won’t need this step.


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