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Spooky Halloween decor ideas – The House That Lars Built

I can hardly wait while we get ready for back to school, but I have to admit I’ve already got Halloween brewing on my mind (pun intended). My ideas are always very ambitious for the amount of time, so I’d like to share ideas with you a little early on in case you’re in the same boat. The season of tricks, treats, fashion and treats is also the perfect time to transform your home into a haunted haven with bone-chilling decorations. Whether you’re hosting a spooky gathering or simply want to spook your space, we’ve rounded up 10 spooky and creative Halloween decor ideas to wow your guests and send shivers down their spines.

1. A haunted house made of cardboard

This cardboard haunted house is a more elaborate craft, but it’s definitely worth the effort, especially since it can be saved for year after year. It’s very similar to the gingerbread house we made a few years ago. It is perfect for your mantle or dining room table. Plus, it’s made of cardboard so you probably already have everything you need to get started! We’re sharing the style with you, too!

2. Halloween wreath

This is fun to make! If you remember wreaths for Friends Day or Valentine’s Day, these Halloween wreaths are very similar. Just combine your favorite words with scary emoticons and you’re all set! Just be careful if you write “boo”. *sigh*.

3. This printable scary Halloween decor

Halloween decorating can be as easy as pressing a button! Print these ominous black and white photos and turn them into spooky posters. Place them around the house and let the screaming begin! Ta da!

4. Scary wooden boards

Who says you need specialized woodworking skills to make a spooky masterpiece? Not us! You can get all of this at the craft store and learn a new technique for transferring pictures to wood panels! Here’s the complete tutorial for spooky wood panels.

Wooden cross-sections of branches with spiders and insects borne on them are suspended from maroon ribbons.

Bird wall decor

This is reminiscent of the movie “The Birds” where birds are cut out and placed on a wall or mantle. It can be quickly and easily applied to your entryway without any fuss of messy cleanup. Find the tutorial here. I’ve had a lot of fun with them in the past year.

Ghost tablecloth

Crawl can be added anywhere. Even to your dining room table! I still adore this project and really think it’s one of the most subtle and spooky things you can do at a dinner party. Wouldn’t it be amazing if faces came out of the table? Haunted house feels so! Here’s how to make gingham ghosts.

Halloween spiders

This is another outdoor decoration idea that is very fun to create. Show off the spooky Halloween creeps with this Halloween spider decor. And bonus! If your house is as white as mine, you can leave command strips on all year long and no one will notice! Here’s where to get spiders and how to achieve it!

Spiders on the white exterior for Halloween decor

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Candy Garland

Need a creative way to use toilet paper rolls? Look no further! This is a great way to bring out the awesomeness of this spooky holiday! Well, I admit, it’s not exactly scary, but it’s totally cute! Here’s how to make a candy wreath out of toilet paper.

Vampire teeth wreath

Sink your teeth into this hoop with bloodthirsty fangs. It’s simple with paper and string. Enough to make your blood run cold! A simple idea for kids to get involved too! Here’s how to make this vampire tooth wreath idea.

DIY vampire teeth wreath

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and transform your home into a haunted haven that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you choose sinister silhouettes, cursed candles, or sinister magic, these spooky Halloween decor ideas will help you conjure up an atmosphere of magic and delightful spooky fun. So, gather your materials, summon your imagination, and let the decorating magic begin!


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