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Snow Removal Hacks: No Shovel Needed!

It’s no secret that the long, curved design of plastic snow shovels makes them ideal for removing snow build-up. There may be certain instances, however, where you need to remove snow and there is no shovel to be found. While you may be ready to throw in the towel and accept your snowy fate, you can use one of these alternative methods to clear your driveway.

Snow Removal Hacks: No Shovel Needed!

How to remove snow without a snow shovel

Turn on your leaf blower

In a pinch, your leaf blower can double as a snow blower. Leaf blowers work best on light, fluffy snow versus compacted snow. Turn it on and shovel snow along the driveway, making a path for yourself.

Leaf blowers are most effective when the snow is only a few inches long. If a significant snowfall is forecast, blow the snow off your driveway after every 2-3 inches of accumulation.

Create a melting point with water, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol

While not a great solution for large driveways, you can treat compacted snow or icy areas with a mixture of water, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol. Start by filling a garden watering can or large pitcher with water. Then add ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon of dish soap. Slowly pour the solution onto the compacted area to melt snow and ice.

Tip: Do not just pour warm water on the snow. It may melt temporarily, but if the temperature is below freezing, the water will freeze on the driveway, creating ice patches.

Lay down a tarp before it snows

Save yourself the hassle of shoveling down a tarp before it starts snowing. Then, clean the tarp periodically so that it is not too heavy. Use this method for small driveways or to keep areas near your walkway free of snow.

Treat the snow with rock salt

Rock salt can melt snow on your driveway if the temperature is above 15°F. If they fall any lower, it loses its effectiveness. It is best to treat the driveway with salt before the snow begins to fall. Salt will change the melting point of ice from 32°F to 15°F, keeping your driveway free of snow and ice.

Salt Smart Says it only takes about 12 ounces of rock salt (the equivalent of a coffee cup) to melt snow in a 500-square-foot area.

Close it with a broom

When you’re out of options, head to your broom closet for alternative snow removal tools. You can clear the snow with a standard or soft-bristled push broom. Use this method for light, fluffy accumulations less than a few inches deep.


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