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Few people are blessed with a large closet, let alone a luxurious room. Most of us have small safes that are used to store our belongings in our homes.

With a small closet, it is often very difficult to keep it organized and clutter-free.

It may seem that small lockers will not have enough space for all your things.

However, we can use organizational storage solutions to help keep our closets organized and increase their true storage potential.

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Follow along as we discuss how to improve a small closet and maximize every inch of space with these clever organization ideas.

Unpack the locker

Let’s face it – everything in our closet doesn’t belong there. With limited space in a small closet, it’s important to keep your closet neat and clutter-free. Decluttering helps you see and evaluate what you have and decide what to keep, purify and toss.

Take the time to Unpack the locker And remove items that you no longer need or use. While it’s easy to get hung up on the items in our closets, once you’ve de-cluttered, consider donating these items to your local thrift store, clutter recycling, or Sell ​​it online To earn some extra cash. Whichever you choose, removing items will free up closet space and give you a fresh start.

Use a double applicator

The double cabinet system is an excellent way to maximize space in a small closet. The double rails instantly add twice the hanging space in your closet and maximize closet storage space.

Simply install an additional rod a few feet from the existing one and give your wardrobe enough room to hang shorter items like shirts, pleated pants, and skirts. This system works well in adults and baby wardrobe.

matching hangers

Maintain control over your closet and add visual continuity with matching hangers. Coordinating hangers help keep your closet more streamlined and organized. It creates a cohesive look among your items and gives the appearance of a neater space.

Ideas for organizing small cabinets - drawer dividers
A beautiful mess

Whether it is a velvet hanger, a wooden hanger, or a plastic hanger, having this type of arrangement that allows clothes to be hung at the same height and width in the closet helps enhance closet organization.

tiered hangers

The tiered hangers can help you save hanging space in your closet. On a layered hanger, you can combine multiple clothes of similar styles on a single hanger. This hanging storage works well for things like skirts and blouses.

This space saving item will make your wardrobe maximize its full space potential.

Over the door organizer

Transform your closet with Organize out the doorr to take advantage of unused space. You can use this clever storage for your accessories, medical supplies, and more. With this kind of storage organizer, you can find what you’re looking for when you need it at a glance level.

Fold the little things

Properly folding your items eliminates wrinkles and helps create order in the closet.

Folding clothes

Simply folding the smaller items in your closet will give you easy access to your items and maximize space. Consider foldable items such as T-shirts, T-shirts, socks, bras, and underwear. Store and stack these items neatly on a shelf or drawer in the closet.

Closet dividers to the rescue

If your closet has shelves, a divider can help you stay organized.

Ideas for organizing small cabinets - drawer dividers
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Instead of spreading your items across the shelves or shuffling them together, closet dividers help divide areas on the shelves to make room for specific categories of items. Now you can create smaller compartments on the shelves to store folded blouses, shirts, and purses. If a Linen wardrobeSo now you have space to separate towels and linens in specific areas of the closet.

Floating shelves to maximize vertical space

Floating shelves are a great way to use the vertical space in your closet. Adding more shelves to a small cabinet gives you more space to organize folded items, shoes or accessories.

Wall mounted hooks

Hooks on the wall or bedroom closet door can help keep items within easy reach. It also helps keep some items off the floors. Wall mounted hooks It can give your hats, coats, scarves, and bags a place to live in the closet. It can also be a very stylish addition to the overall cabinet design.

Small Closet Organization Ideas - Hanging storage with baskets
Image credit: IKEA

You can add a wall-mounted bracket with hooks or put two hooks on the wall or door for easy access. No more wasted space on the walls in the closet. It’s time to get creative with improving your wall surfaces.

Baskets and boxes

baskets Boxes are great for organizing items in your closet. The baskets are very multifunctional, they help hide and hide things Reduce clutter By providing a designated area for unallocated items in your wardrobe.

Beautiful woven baskets with handles for storage
photo via Amazon

Whether in a master bedroom or bathroom closet, you can add these storage containers on top of closet shelves or on the floor, giving you the perfect blend of functionality and style in your closet.

Buy these containers at stores like Walmart, Target, or The Container Store to increase efficiency.

Jewelry closet organizer

a Jewelry closet organizer It will fit seamlessly into the dresser, saving space for your jewelry and other small accessories. This closet organizer will take up space on the wall to make room for unused areas on the floor. You can keep your jewelry well organized, untangled, and easy to see.

Lighting power

Proper lighting can make a huge difference in how you see and visualize the items in your closet. From color to design, you need lighting that will help you keep your wardrobe clutter-free and prevent you from digging through it due to insufficient lighting.

Small Closet Organization Ideas - Remove the doors
Beautiful house

Light up the space with new LED lights, puck lights, or an existing lamp to add functionality to your closet space.

Furniture integration

Create the illusion of a large wardrobe by adding a small dresser, dresser, or cube storage unit to store folded items and accessories. A small wardrobe will help you add layers of drawer storage that you can use for things that need to be folded or put away.

Closet furniture works very well in a children’s closet, where their clothes may take up little space and are best folded.

Clear stackable shoe boxes only

Choose transparent storage boxes to store your shoes. This way, you can see the shoes inside without removing the items. You can stack the storage boxes on top of each other to increase space. The shoe organizer makes it easy to see and visualize your shoes while improving the storage of your shoes in one place little space.

Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers will provide a convenient place for all your small items, such as jewelry, socks, underwear and other small items. Drawer organizers create individual compartments in a drawer so you can organize more efficiently. This tool will neatly arrange your beautiful mess, making everything much easier to see and find.

Classification of clothes

Consider a system of categories to organize your clothes more effectively to see what you have. When categorizing your closet items, group similar items together, such as sweaters with jackets, shorts with shorts, dresses, jeans, and so on.

Small Closet Organization Ideas - Hanging jeans from hooks
photo via Amazon

Dividing clothes by category allows you to quickly see what you have and how best to accommodate it.

Prioritization based on usage

Organize your closet based on the items you need or use frequently. You want to be able to easily access the things in your closet without sifting through rarely used items.

Place out-of-season items in boxes or baskets and on the upper shelves. Place the special occasion dresses on the furthest reach area of ​​the closet rod. Clothes that are worn frequently to work or school should be front and center. Prioritizing items based on frequency of use will improve overall closet organization.

For the hard-to-reach areas of your cabinet, get rung of a ladder Handy for quickly accessing your items. small stairs It’s easy to remove and hide, so it takes up very little space. It will allow you to access those upper areas and higher shelves in the closet.

Labeling is key

For items stored in baskets and boxes, try labeling them so you know what’s inside. Labeling helps maintain and maintain an organized closet.

Label hard-to-reach items on the upper shelves and items that are rarely used. This will greatly reduce your need to drag and search through things to find what you’re looking for.


These organization tips and storage ideas are essential for an organized small closet. We hope you’ll now be inspired to start (or continue) your organizational journey.

While keeping your closet tidy will require constant effort, following these small closet organization ideas will help you increase efficiency in your closet and simplify your closet routine.

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