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Simple Holiday DIY: Picture Frame Boughs

Happy Thanksgiving week! We are baking pies and bringing in birds and in between we are decorating the halls. We don’t have our trees yet but I’m adding touches of faux greenery here and there.

These picture frame buffs are an easy way to add bits of evergreen to your walls with cute little bows, and they’ll add a festive touch to wall galleries or individually framed prints.

The supplies are simple, you just need evergreen branches (pine, fir, etc.) or faux garland like mine The cheapest one I use is realistic; Wire ribbon, scissors, floral wire and small clear adhesive wall hooks.

Place the two 12″ stem or garland pieces in front of the needles to clip them, then connect the two pieces with floral wire. Tie a large bow with festive 3″ wired ribbon in the center.

Follow the instructions to attach the clear adhesive hooks to the wall above the center of the picture frame. Secure the branch to the hook with the floral wire used to wrap the two evergreen pieces together.

Display these around your home where you want a little extra touch during the holiday season.

Picture them in photo frames going up your stairs or in curated wall galleries Very easy!


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