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Show-Stopping DIY Party Favors For A Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids’ parties are a big deal. I remember our boys were planning their party 51 weeks out of the year. Once one birthday party was over, they started planning the next. However, they don’t suffer from the stress of niceties like party snacks and other necessities – just the fun stuff and enjoying being the host of the party.

However, today we will be looking at how to make party favors for kids. Because it’s all about the party bag, right?

Party bag gifts don’t have to be expensive; There are many that you can buy at the dollar store or at Walmart. But remember, this is a celebration and it should be fun, and that goes for the gift bag too.

Christmas gifts should be well thought out and personalized. So, today we bring you the best DIY party recommendations to add magic to any kid’s party.

Decoration hints prints

Best DIY party favors for kids birthday parties

Party favors should be something the child will invest emotionally; The party bag is a big deal. Enable every guest at the party to be involved in the process.

A great party favor is something a child takes home and wants to show off to their family, something they are excited about or even proud of. Because you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money on something that will end up in the back of the closet.

You want to give the guests a wonderful party with them Delicious party foodAnd the best party favors they’ll be discussing in the school yard for weeks. That’s when you will know that they are a huge success.

Prepare an essential gift bag for the party

Start by preparing the party favor bags, then create a party favor that the kids can take home with them. This way, you can top your DIY dessert at the end with a piece of cake, and you’re good to go.

Small brown paper shopping bags make great and inexpensive party favor bags. Print some themed stickers with baby’s initials, tie ribbons to the handles, and decorate the bag to make it personal.

Lay out a sheet of stickers, make a custom candy bar, or drop in some candy, a cheap notepad and pen, and a thank you note for coming to one side, and you’re ready to add the final piece at the end.

DIY party favors for parties

PFG Magical Dream Jars

Decorate small glass jars with colorful paint or stickers. Then fill them in fairy lights Or glow sticks like the Dream Jars in Roald Dahl’s magical tale PFG; This could be part of Themed party activities Children are only strictly instructed to activate the magic light with an adult right before bedtime.

For an extra touch, hold a storytelling or movie session at the BFG to engage children in the magic of the tale.

Create custom tote bags

He buys Plain canvas tote bags from discount store And let the kids decorate it with fabric pens, paints or HTV iron-on patches. This way, they can take their personal bag home. Get a set of ready-made templates or stencils to save time and procrastination.

Shutterfly baby carrier

If you’re planning ahead, for an extra special touch, you can create a custom HTV with the party guests’ names or initials and cut it out using Cricut Joy. It can be cut out ready for kids to recognize their name to take to the ironing station for an adult to pass on while they watch in amazement.

Make superhero hats

Using the same iron-on principle, have heat transfer stickers ready to cut out and give each child a superhero name. Throw a superhero naming party. All children are given their superhero name, given a certificate, and an adult is asked to transfer the HTV into a cape that the little hero or heroine can wear to the party and take home at the end.

Make your own bubble wand

Create a custom bubble wand. Set up an activity table at the party and bend the wires or Pipe cleaners into different shapes, such as hearts, stars or animals. Have party guests name their magic bubble wand and attach it to a small bottle of bubble solution from the dollar store, ready to take home for bubble making.

Child blowing bubbles

You can also get bubbles at the party by using these pre-made bubble wands for kids to go wild before making their own creations to take home.

Create personal photo frames

Kids love crafts and this is one of the best crafty kids party ideas. Cut out cardboard or wooden frames and let the kids decorate them with glitter, glue or shellspaint and stickers. They’ll be ready to put in party bags when the party is over, and the tires are dry.

During the party, take pictures with an instant camera and hang them on a line for the kids to choose their favorite pictures to take home and put in their favorite party frame.

Seed packets make great party favors

Design and print personalized seed packets for each child at the party, which is super easy with our printable sticker paper. Have a storytelling session on Jack and the Beanstalk and discuss the beanstalk growing in the sky.

Seed and seed packets
Etsy – Cedar & Gray Paper Company.

Then create your own magical seedbed as your child’s party ends; Give all the kids a seed packet and fill it with magical seeds to take home and plant in the bathtub or in the backyard.

Make little coloring books

Let the kids build their own personal coloring books by printing Alphabet coloring pages In many different themed alphabets. Let the kids pick their own name or any word of their choice on whatever subject they want, be it football, soccer, ballet, or rocket ships, almost like a strip of alphabet for coloring pages.

When they are happy, have an adult tie up the book and put it in the party favor bags containing the crayons. These are great educational activities for kids birthday parties which help kids to engage with learning.

DIY friendship bracelets

Provide materials for older children to make them Special friendship bracelets. Include different colored strings and beads, and let kids get creative. Teach them how to braid and knot string, then let them go wild.

Friendship bracelet on the wrist of girls

Make sure you have enough supplies for each child to make two bracelets. Then they can wear one during the party and take one home as a party favor.

You have a cookie decorating station

Kids love cookies, so set up a cookie decorating station. Fill them with colorful icing, candies, and sweets like Smarties, Candy Laces, and M&Ms. Let the children make their own inventions. Start by showing me how to decorate three cookie designs to get quick inspiration. Then let the kids create and design. When they’re done, put them in a bag ready to put in the candy bags at the end of the party.

a stack of cookies

A healthy snack bar is a great idea; You’ll also need a peanut-free zone if you have any guests with allergies.

Personalized water bottles make great party favors

Provide plain water bottles and let the kids decorate them with waterproof stickers, permanent markers, vinyl or glitter. It’s a great way to save on laundry.

Set up the drink dispenser and let the kids fill it up and keep them hydrated throughout the party. Then, they can take the bottle home as a party favor.

Make your own mini terrariums

that’s it Perfect party bag gifts for older children. Set up a station with small glass containers, such as mason jars, and let the kids create mini terrariums using soil, sand, small plants and succulents using rocks or decorative figurines. It would be fun to include some new characters in the tank, such as LEGO figures or Disney minifigures.

Small terrariums in mason jars by Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

This is a very complex activity that can be both a gardening contest and a science experiment. Have stickers ready for party guests to name and label their creations to take home at the end of the party.

Create party balloon animals

Making balloon animals has always been a huge hit when our kids were younger. Start by teaching the kids some different and easy animals. When you’re done, outfit the animal packs with balloons, eye stickers, and spots. Let the kids choose one and get creative.

Make sure you have a few backups in case of any explosive mishaps. Also include a surprise bundle in each party pack to take home.

Handmade keychains

Make unique keychains using shrink-wrapped plastic sheets. Set up a key station with the plastic cut to size. Allow kids to color or draw their favorite party designs on the magic plastic. Then we put it in the oven according to the instructions

When they’re cooked and cooled, an adult helps tie the key chains, and their creations are ready. It’s so much fun, it can be part of a magic trick or a fun science experiment.

You can also teach older kids how to make their own keychains!

Macrame Daisy Keychains - Party Favors for Kids
Etsy – tidknotespikai.com

In conclusion

We hope these gift bag ideas are helpful. Creating a successful kids party is all about outside-the-box thinking and creativity, not toys they’ll never use again.

If party guests can help create their own party favors, the kids will be invested in the final product. They will leave happy and proud of their finished article in their goody bag. Whether it’s made of glitter glue, cookie dough, paper, or vinyl, the important thing is to have fun, feel involved, and create memories.

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