Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006) Color Review


What makes SW Extra White a popular white?

Many popular white paints have names that lead you to believe they are the best, brightest, or “whitest” white. There are shades of white to sort through, like Extra, Super, Ultra, Pure, and even Simply White (which we’ll compare in more detail later). What else? Neither of these are actually the brightest white available! Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that specific color too.

Image of simple living room with couch side table, spare white walls, spare white trim

walls: SW Spare White | trim:SW extra white

So is Extra White such a good choice if it’s not actually the whitest? Well, for your home you generally want white paints that are a little lighter and darker colors that match the other colors in your space. This prevents the walls from looking too harsh, cold or overly shiny. So the popularity of Extra White comes from the fact that it’s not actually He Excessive.

It is a classic white paint that looks bright, clean and colorless in your space, without looking cluttered or sterile. It’s a safe and sturdy option that’s loved by designers, DIYers, and home builders alike.


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