Say Aloha to a Tropical Thanksgiving Dinner (VIDEO)


Considering an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration? Why not start a new tradition and rock a tropical Thanksgiving dinner.

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6 Ways to Rock a Tropical Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Birds of Paradise flower arrangement

Birds of Paradise flower arrangement is tropical  Hawaiian Thanksgiving Traditions

Enhance the beauty of your Thanksgiving table setting with a gorgeous flower arrangement using birds of paradise. This incredibly gorgeous flower gives your home an exotic touch and tropical vibe this season.

2. Brightly painted pine cones

Brightly painted pine cones are tropical  Hawaiian holiday menu

What a great idea to use these colorful pinecones to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table. Occupancy a Paintbrush, Acrylic paint (various colors), and some Pinecones. Dab the edges of each pinecone with paint.

3. Nested Pineapple Centerpiece

Nested Pineapple Centerpiece Tropical |  Pineapple Stuffing

A pineapple centerpiece is a great idea to set the mood for a tropical vacation for you dinner table. It can be done in less than 5 minutes! Just slice a large pineapple and stuff it with a smaller one.

Don’t forget to use sliced ​​pineapple as a side dish for your meal.

4. Mashed sweet potatoes with edible flowers

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Tropical Edible Flowers |  Hawaiian Vegetable Side Dish

These edible flowers add visual appeal to an all-time favorite Thanksgiving side dish – mashed sweet potatoes. Edible flowers add a distinct flavor to food and can complete the tropical feel when you add these cheerful garnishes.

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5. Gourd or Pumpkin Tiki Torch

Gourd or Pumpkin Tiki Torch Tropical |  Thank you Hawaii weather

This pumpkin tiki masala is a classic Fall table decorations. It adds a touch of style, creativity, and fun to fall decor.

Finally, this tiki torch can complete the topical theme of your holiday dinner and become your favorite fall centerpiece.

6. Turkey burger with pineapple

Turkey Burger with Pineapple Tropical  Hawaiian Thanksgiving Recipes

These turkey burgers with pineapple make a great holiday meal. It can replace the traditional whole turkey dinner with an all-in-one meal. If it’s for snacks, you can try making sliders.

Here’s how to style your tropical Thanksgiving dinner table:

The decor is tropical  Thank you in Hawaii

Check out this video from Home Cooking Adventures for other Thanksgiving recipe ideas:

Thanksgiving is traditionally turkey roasting, gravy and stuffing. While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional dinner, these simple menu and decor ideas are for you. Who knows? These tropical Thanksgiving dinner ideas may become your new family tradition!

Have you decided which of these tropical Thanksgiving dinner ideas you will incorporate into your holiday celebration this year? Let me know below in the comments!

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