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Reviewing The Sixpenny Home Neva Chair

Sixpenny Home Neva Chair Review

*Today’s post was published thanks Sixpence house, and features the gifted producer for explicit review purposes. . All opinions are my own

I’ll tell you what…when it comes to furniture in our house, seating is absolutely king Most Important. Yes, even more important than mattresses. We have too many seating areas in this house, but we honestly use them all. Since I work from home, I often move from sofa to armchair to dining chair using my laptop to write blog posts and edit my social media schedule, and I also love hopping from place to place with my latest book since I was an avid reader in 2023 (I’m now on my 31st book!). Anyway, sitting is a big deal to us, and we use every chair, sofa, and sectional in this house, even if it seems like we have too many things for our small family of just two people and three pets.

Sixpenny Home Neva Chair Review

The latest order for our home is Neva rotary glider Who will win me a home? Maybe you remember when we added their Gabrielle sofa to our collection earlier this year? Well, that experiment went so well (and we still love this sofa to the moon and back), so when it came time to incorporate additional seating into our guest room, using the Sixpenny was a no-brainer.

I wanted something small to fill this weird empty corner in the space, but it also had to be moveable because I planned to hang my full-length mirror in the corner as well. I had my heart set on something that could swivel so I could keep the chair at an angle in the room most of the day, but then turn it to the side with my hand when I needed to check an outfit in the mirror. Every morning. Neva was a perfect fit!

It has a compact design that makes it easy to move as needed, and it fills a corner perfectly without encroaching on bedroom space. it’s also Unbelievably comfortable! We chose feather-filled cushions, which makes it very easy to sit in this chair with a cozy cat or a good book and a glass of wine.

Sixpenny Home Neva Chair Review

Isn’t the poppy color “Nectarine Dream” so fun?! I love how it plays with the other terracotta colors in this space, but it is Just Not saturated enough that I feel like I could easily swap it out for a different room if I felt like it. It’s practically neutral. The casual exposed seam along the edges is another favorite detail. It makes this chair look less annoying and more attractive.

If you’re not sure which style from the Sixpenny Home collection is right for you and your particular room needs, Click here to visit their comfort comparison blog post. Reading that helped convince me that the Neva Ultra Soft Chair was a good fit for our guest room as I was hoping to find something that I and my guests could really enjoy. Any Sixpenny piece you have for you Eye on now?

Sixpenny Home Neva Chair Review

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