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Revamp Your Space On A Budget: Cheap Wallpapers That Wow

Are you looking to transform your living space without breaking the bank? Look no further than cheap wallpapers! These versatile, budget-friendly wall coverings provide a hassle-free way to update any room in your home.

With their easy application and removal, you can create a fresh, elegant look without the commitment or expense of traditional wallpaper. Discover our favorite affordable wallpapers and unlock endless possibilities for your interior design endeavors.

Etsy backgrounds - soft watercolor
Image credit: Hand-painted watercolors from Etsy

One of the most frequent questions readers ask me is, “Where can I go?” that background In your dining room?” Wallpapering was one of our first projects when we moved into our new home. And even though it took me over 8 hours to finish, a year later I still love it just as much! (Which is saying something for me anyway .)

So this post is long overdue because I have a digital folder full of my favorite (cheap) wallpapers that I can’t wait to share with you.

These backdrops are all peel and stick so you know. After diving into the world of peel and stick, I will never go back to plain wallpaper. It’s not worth it for me.

Why use peel and stick wallpaper?

Why shouldn’t the question be using peel and stick wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great solution for renters and those who like to change up their home decor frequently (me, for example).

McGee Studio wallpaper in the powder room
Image credit: McGee Studio

Peel and stick wallpaper prices are the same as regular wallpaper anymore and doesn’t require a lot of prep work. After a quick sweep of the wall, it sticks to the wall (accurately). There is no priming and no muddy pastes. There is no residue to deal with after it is removed.

Not all peel and stick wallpapers are created equal. For this reason, I choose proven, reputable brands that don’t cost a fortune. I once went off brand with a background I found it on Amazon (This was for my playroom renovation in the One Room Challenge.) And while the paper looked nice and fairly inexpensive, it ripped a lot of drywall off the wall when I changed my mind and took it down. So, it would be better if you only use brands that are familiar to you and have good reviews.

Preferred peel and stick wallpaper
Image credit: The Next Wall – Amazon

However, you do not need to spend huge sums on wallpapers. I am about to show you these cheap wallpapers which are all from reputable brands and are very easy to apply and remove.

Clovis with decorative wallpaper, desk and chair, and picture hang on the wall
Image source: Hint Decor Clovis Space

I tend to use wallpapers with small patterns because I think those have more staying power for me. I wouldn’t get sick of these so quickly. But I’m not afraid to admit that I can be influenced by current trends, like these watercolor murals sweeping Instagram.

How to save money with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to give your spaces a personal touch, but covering an entire room can be expensive. Covering a feature wall is an excellent way to save money with wallpaper. Or cover most of your wall with molding and then Top it off with wallpaper.

Chasing Paper wallpaper - My favorite cheap wallpaper
Image credit: Paper flush – stripes away

You can also add wallpaper to unexpected small places, like the back of bookshelves, pantry, closet, ceiling, or a small cloakroom. This is a great way to add flavor to a room without overdoing it.

Favorite brands wallpaper

These are the brands I look to again and again that I have personally used and loved.

Cheap and affordable wallpapers - paper hunt
Image credit: Paper Hunt

Many of these brands are available at the same places (Walmart, Amazon, Target, Home Depot), so you may have to dig around to see which offers the best price. And some of these brands have Exclusively With companies like Home Depot, they only offer this style in one store. So it is useful to look around.

I’m seeing more and more watercolor and landscape wallpapers, so I’ve included a few. I also love the black and white charts and those whimsical patterns for kids’ rooms!

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