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Range Report: Color is Hot

I’m back from KBIS Trade Show In Las Vegas where I visited three exhibition halls of both international and domestic brands showcasing their new and notable products. There was a lot of buzz around West Hall’s kitchen ranges and some design celebrities brought attention to the colorful ranges on display.

The Color On range was a big hit in the 1970s, I remember the avocado green and mustard yellow refrigerators and stoves of that decade, I even had one left over from that era in my rented apartment in college! Gone are the colors of that date. Over the last few decades we have seen mostly stainless steel, black and white ranges and ovens. Move well to neutrals, the colorful kitchen range is back and is a hot item in kitchen design.

The slide-in and free standing ranges in beautiful new shades owned the spotlight at the show and I found myself as impressed as everyone else. If you’re in the mood for color in your kitchen or want to bookmark these manufacturers for future reference, here’s a list of brands where you can choose from a variety of bright or subtle colors to create a focal point in your kitchen.

This British company offers a series of classic colors through dealers in the US and Soho colors for their Elise and Mercury ranges.

This company currently has a suite global color to choose from for their luxury range, and announced that they are expanding their colors to include more Designer curated colors In a new palette for 2024. I saw Eucalyptus in person at KBIS and would absolutely love to use that shade in a future kitchen!

New Viking colors coming soon!

The French manufacturer is the crème de la crème of the industry range, these ovens may cost as much as a car, but wow they are stunning and chef’s kisses, in fact. Williams Sonoma A dealer and you can purchase this Top of the line range from their shop. It’s fun to play with “Create Your Own” page I especially like the La Cornue website where you can see multiple colors available New Color in partnership with Suzanne Kassler.

through House of the Holy Mackerel

The Portofino range from this Italian company is available in multiple sizes and in red, yellow, orange, green and turquoise. Three sizes available For purchase through Williams Sonoma.


This Italian brand offers different colors and sizes for their range, these models have unique and attractive knobs and elongated pulls and less saturated rich colors like La Cornue. These are high end brands Available through Wayfair And other dealers if you search them online.

At the range review nice looking

A more budget friendly one range selection Available from the Z line, I just wish their colors went beyond cobalt and red, but they do offer black and white which is nice.

The company’s Classic Series offers both gas and electric offerings Two contrasting colors Mint and turquoise if you want a throwback or look or fun coastal vibe in a kitchen.

Another company offers that Retro style rangeOvens and other colorful appliances are big chill, their retro collection has a range of fun colors if you want a unique color like vase, buttercup, or pink lemonade, check them out Color samples.

Would you consider a colorful range in your home? They are very funny!


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