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Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

The color is very strong in the room and especially In a child’s room where they learn about and explore the world every day. The rainbow is a symbol of joy, acceptance, and hope, especially if you are pregnant with a rainbow baby.

The rainbow theme can come in all different styles. Bold and bright, or softer and muted. Depending on your style, you may want to create an explosion of color on every wall or take in some accent pieces to spruce up your room!

This rainbow themed nursery was inspired by my son’s nursery. It is bright and full of inspiration, culture and colours. Keep reading because all the details are below if you’re looking for rainbow nursery ideas or inspiration for your own room!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

First, I painted the walls bright white Dan Edwards So it would act as a blank canvas for all the colors I wanted to add. The door is this beautiful light yellow in a “highlighter” color as well Dan Edwards. This color brings so much warmth and cheer to this colorful nursery.

The nursery before the photo
Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

How do I prepare the perfect nursery?

The ‘perfect’ nursery is the one that best suits you and your child’s needs!

If you’re working in a smaller room, I wouldn’t try to fill it in with a lot of furniture or decor. Instead, leave the room as open as possible so it feels spacious and then include some decorative pieces to add a fun colorful touch!

On the other hand, if your room is larger, plan out how everything will be placed and which items you want to include. A nursery mood board is great for that! Then start with the must-have furniture pieces and slowly add your favorite decorative accents until you’re satisfied!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

rainbow art

Wall art and galleries are a great way to add color to a room and include sentimental pieces you’ve collected. You can use many colors and patterns but try to repeat the colors at least once to help tie everything together.

I have a full guide on how to choose and plan a gallery wall if you want more advice. In a children’s room, it can be fun to put a gallery wall around it Custom neon light Like the one you see above!

Colorful nursery gallery wall

Other ideas for your rainbow gallery or accent wall would be these rainbow wallpaper, Rainbow Watercolor Dots Wall Decal, Your favorite art prints, Upholstery, or personal sewing projects. If you’re feeling a bit more crafty, create a rainbow collage or paint a rainbow striped wall with my tutorial.

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

Rainbow bookshelves

Children’s books come in all colors of the rainbow, and creating a collection allows you to have a library of books to read with your little one. And Fill your walls with color!

Rainbow bookshelves can be made using my tutorial or you can Buy them already made.

Once you’re done, sort and organize your books by color. You can also, after all, exchange holiday books during each season!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

Check out all of our favorite children’s books, by age!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

What Kind of Furniture Should You Put in the Rainbow Nursery?

In terms of furniture, I would say that larger pieces like cabinets in white or neutral colors would be best. This allows the colors and other decor items you use to show through in the room!

One or two smaller, colorful pieces of furniture such as a chair, footstool, or area rug can serve as accent pieces in a room. White furniture will help anchor the space without being too overwhelming.

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

Mint green rocking chair It has a beautiful color that contrasts with the bold rainbow colors used elsewhere. High-quality pieces are best for use in your nursery because they will be able to hold up well when your child is older or they can be moved and used in the nursery for other children, or in other rooms of your home as well.

If you want more information on how to turn that rainbow nursery into a big nursery, check out this guide!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

I paired the rocking chair with a colorful footstool made from vibrant Guatemalan and Mexican textiles. Furniture pieces are a great way to add a touch of your family’s culture to your child’s nursery in an organic way.

Colorful nursery gallery wall

Should you get a changing table or a dresser?

It can be a good idea to place a dresser above the changing table, as not only does it grow with your baby, it also gives you extra storage space, which is always a plus!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

You can put it under your gallery wall so they can look at your artwork and play with stuffed animals. I own This is Jenny Lind’s wardrobe And I love how whimsical it is!!!! (And it fits a lot!) However, if you need the extra space, this is it Stackable storage bench Also great for storing books and toys.

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

A great way to add color is through accessories, hanging charms in drawers, or using stuffed animals or toys.

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

rainbow bedding

Speaking of wardrobes, let’s talk about bedding. Depending on your color scheme, you may want to get A set of colored papers blanket, or you might gravitate to something more neutral. Either way, bedding can be another great opportunity to add color and warmth to your child’s room.

The colorful sheets really pop Classic white bed! Our website is equipped b organic mattress We love and Organic mattress pad (must be)!

Rainbow decor and DIY ideas

Nurseries are a great way to incorporate your favorite DIY projects or create new ones to fit in the space!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

A few of my favorite nursery DIY projects are the Rainbow Latch Hook. This is great for a rainbow nursery because it’s so soft and touchable.

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

Our high hanging non-woven wall hangings or giant 5 foot tall plush cacti are good oversized cutouts to fill any empty wall space where you just need a little pop of color!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

In this nursery were used Rattan head To tie together other natural elements such as the changing basket. You can add a pom pom crown and wreath for even more color!

Colorful nursery art

this Balloon car print He greets you at the entrance so you’ll know exactly how cute this nursery is from the moment you open the door!

Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed
Arlo Rainbow's custody revealed

photos by Jeff Mendel

Your baby nursery is a great way to not only create a welcoming environment for you and your baby but also as a way to represent all the special people and important experiences of your family. Those special touches, whether homemade or a gift, will make this room feel warm, inviting, and of course, full of colour!



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