Radish Pods: a Tasty, Unusual Garden Snack


Chances are, there’s a hidden vegetable growing in your garden right now! If you grow radishes, you’re on your way to enjoying radish pods. So let me tell you why you should leave some of your radishes in the ground and let them grow into radish seed pods!

Handful of freshly picked radish greens

I love talking about vegetables that people have never heard of. You’d be surprised to know how many vegetables are out there that you can’t find at the grocery store. From berries to root vegetables, Western cuisine isn’t too different from our favorite dishes.

Today, I want to share one of those secret vegetables with you. Radish Beans!

These come from leaving radishes in the ground, making them one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Anyone who has a clay pot can grow radish seed pods. Really, they are that easy.

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Radish beans on a wooden background
Radish pods look similar to edamame.

Discovery of Radish Beans

A few years ago, I volunteered with the Intergenerational Land and Learning Program at UBC. Although it is no longer active, it used to bring inner-city kids to UBC Farms to learn about growing food.

In Vancouver, Gardening Space May Be LimitedCommunity garden waiting lists take years. Many adults don’t have access to outdoor spaces, so many of their kids don’t learn much about gardening, which is why this program was so great!

The program began during the school year, where children visited the farm every other week. In the beginning, they’ll have plenty to harvest immediately from the kids planting the stuff at the end of the school year. They will also learn how to cook the things they are harvesting.

They would plan garden beds during the winter and then plant in the spring. But as soon as summer comes, they will take their summer break just like in school.

Its aim It will take a few months for the garden to go wild, One of the special dishes prepared for the children was radish pods!

radish plant that has gone to seed with radish seed pods
The longer the radish beans are on the stem, the more fibrous they are.

What are radish beans?

When you discard your radishes, you’re left with radish pods. As late-season radishes, they eventually bloom into white flowers and then grow into large seed pods, known as radish pods. They almost look like edamame!

Every part of radish is edible slightly spicy radish flavor Them. I eat them in the form of sprouts, microgreens, radishes, flowers, and then pods. Beans and radishes taste the best!

This shows that you can get a lot of food from one plant. You’ll never find radish beans for sale at the grocery store, and they remain a gardener’s secret. Whether it’s an accident like letting radishes grow too long or spotting them in a community garden, they’re a wonder phenomenon.

So if you’ve found that you’ve planted more radishes than you can eat, and haven’t planted consistently, don’t be afraid to let some grow and insert seeds as radish pods, You can enjoy them afterwards too!

Radish Pod Stem
You can use pickled radish pods as a garnish for Caesars or Bloody Marys.

how to grow radishes

Radish is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. And because they can mature in less than a month, they’re one of the first vegetables ready for the season. You can start planting 4-6 weeks before the last frost of the year. Do direct sowing of radish. No need to start them indoors!

But remember, you can continue planting radishes throughout the growing season. They like cool soil, so they grow best in spring and fall. Plant them every 1-2 weeks for a continuous harvest.

radish plant that has gone to seed with radish seed pods
One plant can produce an abundance of radish pods. It’s better than enjoying just one root!

Since they mature very fast, I love it Sprinkle them among other vegetables Whenever there is an opening in the garden. They don’t need full sun to thrive, so they can grow happily in the shade of other tall vegetables. That being said, they perform best in full sun.

When growing your radishes, be sure tospace them out so that there is a two inch gap between each plant. But save those plants! Microgreens can be chopped (not plucked) and used on sandwiches and to top salads.

Radish Microgreens and Egg Open Face Sandwich on a Toast
Radish microgreens have a beautiful red edging around the leaves.

When to Harvest Radish Pods

before the seeds mature, they are Tender and juicy. They explode in your mouth almost like caviar. The longer they mature on the plant, the tougher they become.

You Harvest radish beans when they are plump and before they dry up, You can break them off the plant with your hands or snip them from the stem using scissors.

To enjoy them, you can eat them raw like peas or use them in stir-fries, soups or salads. You can even pickle them! Follow this guide for how to pickle radish seed pods.

radish beans on a wooden table
Harvest the radish pods before they dry up.

And this is the low level of radish pods! Have you ever grown them in your garden? Was it by accident or on purpose? Let me know in the comments below.

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