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Pumpkin ideas to elevate your front porch

With autumn now in full force, it’s time to turn our attention to one of the most iconic symbols of the season – pumpkins. These versatile pumpkins are not only delicious when made into pies and soup, but they’re also great for decorating your front porch. In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative pumpkin ideas that can help you elevate your porch decor this fall, making it the envy of your neighborhood. And if you plan it right, you can take them into the Thanksgiving season! We like to win/win.

Classic jack lantern

Let’s start with the classics! Carving pumpkins into spooky, silly, or intricate jack-o-lanterns is a time-honored tradition. Get creative with your designs, and don’t forget to light them with candles or LED lights for a haunting effect.

Painted pumpkins

If you prefer a mess-free option, painting your own pumpkins is a great alternative. From sleek metallic shades to exotic patterns, the possibilities are endless. You can also let your kids join in the fun. We painted some pumpkins after the first one Status collection And it’s a forever classic!

Pumpkin topiary

Stack different sizes of pumpkins to create a stunning pumpkin topiary. Add greenery or berries in between for a stunning contrast, and finish with a colorful bow or ribbon. This is one of my favorite effects for getting the bountiful harvest effect.

Mosaic pumpkins

Crafty individuals can turn their pumpkins into works of art by creating mosaic patterns using pieces of colored glass, ceramic tiles, or even recycled materials.

Pumpkin growers

Transform hollowed out pumpkins into elegant planters for mums, ornamental cabbages or other fall flowers. These make a charming addition to your balcony decor. I added the juices in my pumpkins with Succulents and Sunshine, the succulent expert herself, and then Michelle Christensen from My Little Belleville added some faces. so cute! We tried it a different way here with painted faces and painted pumpkins.

Painted pumpkin molds

Pumpkin Glam Glitter

For a touch of sparkle, cover the pumpkins in glitter. Use a strong adhesive and a variety of shiny colors for an eye-catching effect that sparkles in the sunlight.

Pumpkin stars

Carve pumpkins or mini gourds into intricate patterns, place tealight candles inside, and watch them cast a warm, inviting glow on your porch.

Dried flowers on pumpkins

This technique is one of my favorite techniques. I used preserved flowers and glued them onto the pumpkins in fun patterns. I loved matching the flowers to the pumpkin colors too. See how we did it here.

Stacked pumpkin totems

Stack pumpkins of different sizes and colors to create a totem pole effect. Add quirky faces, and you’ll have a whimsical pumpkin family right on your porch.

Rainbow pumpkins

Rainbow pumpkins arranged on porch.

The new classic is our rainbow pumpkin idea. More and more fun! If you get fake products, you can use them year after year.

Pumpkin rainbow

For this arch we used a fake pumpkin and drilled holes in it. See the full technique here.

Bohemian pumpkin decor

For a bohemian-chic look, wrap pumpkins in macrame or use vibrant fabrics and ribbons to give them a funky look.

Pumpkin baskets

Hollow out a pumpkin, line it with plastic, then fill it with seasonal fruits or a pretty array of fall flowers. This doubles as a centerpiece for your balcony.

Pumpkin monogram

Carve or draw your last initials or house number on a large pumpkin. It’s a personal touch that welcomes guests into your home. Here we added succulents to the pumpkin while leaving room for the letter. See how to do it here.

Or use the juicer to spell words like “boo.” See the tutorial here.

Cut the pumpkin stripes

For this striped pumpkin, take two pumpkins of the same size and different colors and cut them out. Arrange them so that they form lines.

Pumpkin lanterns

Create unique lanterns by etching or carving intricate patterns into your pumpkins. Use battery-operated LED lights to illuminate them and hang them around your porch.

Cherry pumpkin

I turned pumpkins into cherries in Design Sponge (RIP). Simply spray paint or paint your pumpkins and add the stems!

Vintage crate display

Place pumpkins in antique wooden boxes or baskets for a rustic look. Add dried corn stalks and cheesecloth ribbon for the perfect touch of country charm.

Succulent pumpkin

Use the discards from the juicers and turn them into fun patterns on all different types of pumpkins. Tutorial here.

Pumpkin bird feeder

Turn a large pumpkin into a bird feeder by filling it with bird seed. This cheerful creation is sure to attract feathered friends to your porch.

Pumpkin garland

String small pumpkins together to form a wreath that can be draped over a porch railing or hung near an entryway. Leaves and string add a rustic touch.

Chalkboard pumpkins

Paint the pumpkins with chalkboard paint and use it as a board to write greeting messages, quotes, or fun messages for the season.

Pumpkin totem pole

Stack small pumpkins or gourds and paint them in different shades to create a fun and colorful totem pole on your front porch.

This fall, let your front porch be a reflection of your creativity and love for the season by incorporating these pumpkin decorating ideas. From classic lanterns to elegant painted pumpkins and everything in between, there are endless ways to show your love for fall and wow your neighbors and guests. So, grab a pumpkin, some craft supplies, and let your imagination run wild as you transform your porch into a festive and inviting fall haven. Happy decorating!


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