Printable road map with cars


Jasper started kindergarten a few weeks ago – I can’t believe it. To be honest, it doesn’t change our schedule much because it’s like a preschooler’s schedule, more aware that time is a thief and it moves so fast! In honor of this crazy time, we’ve worked with HP on a number of back-to-school printables for Instagram but thought I’d share them here so you can easily find all the links. The first is a printable road map with cars and the other is a forecast sheet where kids can write how they expect the year to go, which I’m going to be posting later this week. We’ve made some cute videos to go along with each one, too. I think I’ll make one every year to see it grow!

Printable road map and printable cars

I wanted an interactive game made out of paper for this first game. Jasper loves to arrange the cars on his other play map, and this map is great because it also doubles as a puzzle. He loved printing them out and piecing them together. He also used his cutting skills by severing cars. You know, I love paper because it feels so accessible and tactile – like you’re actually making something. He also has an obscene amount of Hot Wheels that he can add to the map to create his own scene. Wanted something to make you feel like you’re in the English countryside since the rest of their play mats are…too hardcore? Ha!

If your child loves cars and enjoys imaginative play, this printable road map and car set will be an absolute hit. It is not only a fun activity but also an excellent way to encourage creativity, fine motor skills and even basic math concepts.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that HP has a huge library of Publications So if you like this, there’s tons more.

Printable road and car map


Super newbie!


5 minutes

This printable road map provides an exhilarating blend of creativity, play and goal setting, making the transition from summer to school smoother and more enjoyable. This printable road map with vehicle pieces encourages imaginative play and skill development.

I can’t wait to see you do that. Please tag us with #lars_mix So we can all see!


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