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Poinsettia Crafts to Make for the Holiday

Kids will love these poinsettia crafts for Christmas fun! These are great for kids of all ages from toddlers to preschool to primary level.

Poinsettia Crafts

I’ll be honest – whenever I think about poinsettias I laugh. I know this is not a common reaction to poinsettias. These are considered a serious flower for Christmas decoration. They are beautiful and elegant. And not funny at all.

But several years ago, when I was in high school, a neighbor of my parents went on vacation during the holidays. An extended vacation. So this neighbor was unable to water her poinsettia for several weeks.

So they trusted me to do it. Or rather I was told I needed to take care of this poor plant.

Well, let me tell you my friends – that poinsettia barely hung on the whole time. As soon as he moved into his new temporary home, he began to wither. A few times I thought I almost lost it and then it would restart for a few hours.

Eventually the neighbor comes back and takes his poinsettia home. I guess the flower was hanging there that whole time so it could say goodbye to its original owner. Because immediately after that? The poinsettia was gone forever. Transfer this mortal coil to the vast greenhouse in the sky.

And I think we all know deep down it was my fault. But who trusts a teenager to care for a poinsettia? I think that’s the lesson here. You just don’t do it. This will not be good for your flowers!

Although my past with poinsettias may be questionable, I love them during the holidays. They are very beautiful with a deep red color and a lovely soft texture of the petals. This is truly a flower to be admired!

If you love poinsettias too, I think you’ll love these cute poinsettia crafts for Christmas that are perfect for both kids and adults (can you say family activity?).

While most of these are definitely for younger children, there are projects for a variety of age groups. Whether you have a toddler looking for something fun to do during the holidays or a little one who wants to decorate, you’ll find something on this list.

So take a look at the kids’ Christmas crafts below and let me know what you think! I’d love to know if you try anything on this list or have some ideas you don’t find here. Leave me a comment! Happy holidays, and happy crafting!

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